February 17, 2009

"On a Clear Day"

Again and again we get to see that the message and promise of A Course In Miracles was always known to man. It was and is expressed in the arts, science, and everyday life throughout time, but it still takes one to see and hear it expressed.

For a trained mind that is only natural. In the video On A Clear Day Master Teacher did years ago as part of the Mind Training Series, he uses the song that goes by the same title to show what A Course In Miracles is. Though a great song, someone might not see much meaning in it. But a mind that is changed through miraculous intervention literally thinks differently, and it shows in everything it does. As an expression of a complete healing and transformation Master could not not use everything to teach the message of A Course In Miracles. He surprised with a revelation of new associations and meaning in the most ordinary things. Just as the Course says, "Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong." That is how a trained mind experiences his own reality, seeing God in everything.

On a clear and warm day the ice of the frozen Wisconsin River breaks and melts, but to a still mind everything opens up and gets transparent to see through, forever. Master Teacher expressed it as a translation of space to time.

The song “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” contains everything that you would ever have to know in regard to who you are. Everything that is an indication of a holy instant that’s possible for you to share will be a part of this. If I were just meeting you right now for the first time, I would say, “Would you like to sit and listen with me to a song that is going to offer us a solution to this incredible problem of who we are that we’re experiencing?” Listen.

“On a clear day you can see forever.” An association in time that is ready to orchestrate this lyric is ready to awaken, because the lyric says, “On a clear day you can, on a clear space you can see time. On a clear day you can see forever.” The capacity of your mind (and I’m teaching again here) to translate space to time should begin to amaze you. You take it for granted that you could understand, “On a clear day I can see forever.” No, it’s not really what you said. You didn’t say you could see a great distance. You said you could see forever. You could see eternity.

“You’ll be part of every mountain, sea and shore” is the entire reference of the teaching. “You can hear from far and near a world you’ve never heard before.” I don’t know what you think that lyric is. Obviously it’s the whole Workbook of A Course in Miracles. If I didn’t have the Course in Miracles, I’m liable to come and sit with you and say, “Sing this with me,” or “Talk to me about this,” because this is a direction that’s being offered you that you could actually take.

I’ll try it. “On a clear day rise and look around you.” That got us up to Lesson Number 7. “On a clear day I’m determined to see.” “Today I’m going to rise and look around me.” “And you will see who you are.” It doesn’t say you’re going to discover something out there. What does it say? It says you’re going to see who you are. Who are you? The only living Son of God, cast into a dream for just a moment from which you are now awakening.

“On a clear day how it will astound you.” The amazing experience that I’m sharing with you right now is astounding you. Isn’t it? Are you being astounded by the revealing of what’s suddenly happening to you? “On a clear day how it will astound you.” Are you ready for this next sentence? Who? Yes. Barbra Streisand. Yes, I’m aware of that. Barbra is a very old, dear friend of all of us. You guys are really something.

“On a clear day how it will astound you that the glow of your being outshines every star,” that the essence of the brilliance of your mind in association with the Creative Reality outshines a little twinkling of stars that you heretofore had given all sorts of light associations. “You feel part of every mountain, sea and shore. You can hear from far and near a world you’ve never heard before. On a clear, on that clear day, you can see forever and ever more.”

So I hope you’re happy to hear that God, Eternal Life, doesn’t know anything about the little dream of death that you’ve been having in your own mind. If you’ll let me, I intend to show you an alternative.

You can order videos by Master Teacher at the Miracles Communication Center. "One A Clear Day", however, is available only on VHS on special request.

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