January 4, 2009

Free from All Past Associations

Today's lesson of A Course In Miracles, "I do not understand anything I see", is a great lesson of undoing our false perceptions and concepts regardless of how we may feel about them. They are all meaningless because reality has nothing to do with them. Reality does not need to be understood. Reality does not need our definition to be what it is. There is nothing to understand. There is nothing hidden. Reality is perfectly clear and open, but it cannot be understood. It can only be known. Yet what are we doing in our minds? We judge. We define everything. In other words, we give everything all the meaning it has for us, and we suffer from the delusion that we understand what we think and see and do.

The meaning we give all things is not true, because we are not thinking with the mind of God Who is the only Source of reality and truth. Justifying what we think things are will not solve our problem. What is our problem? We don't know ourselves.

We don't know the only thing that can be known. We don't know the very thing we are and by which we live. That is impossible and clearly the case of our insanity. Yet normally as humans we do not doubt our situation. Our situation is not based on one true idea. That is why we are given lessons to undo our situations and identity. We train our minds to no longer give meaning where there is none. We train our minds to overlook any appearance and experience of separation. As a result of that we wake up and experience a different world and self. We see Christ and God in everything, no longer to be subject to meaningless and past thoughts. That is a very different experience.

Anything we see is a proper subject for our application of today's lesson. Questioning the suitability of anything for application of the idea is really just our need to be faithful to our own mistaken thoughts and ideas. It is very clear to me that the Course is either totally true or not at all. Truth is true, and nothing else is true. While we can and must not deny our emotions - we are emotionally involved - we cannot let ourselves be deceived by any "emotionally-charged meaning" things may have for us. We have to put such feelings aside and use them as everything else. That is easy if we want to. It is easy when we include everything in with our practice. Only that will set us free. In our judgments we become the jailer of things, and no jailer is exempt from what he does. We practice to be free from our own past associations and let things be what they are. They don't need our thoughts about them.

"The point of the exercises is to help you clear your mind of all past associations, to see things exactly as they appear to you now, and to realize how little you really understand about them." (A Course In Miracles, Workbook Lesson 3)

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joy schultz said...

Thank you so much for this site. I recently started a blog www.joyofmiracles.blogspot.com with writing inspired by the Course. I have also been having a ton of fun making some Youtube videos singing the daily lesson to help us remember it--just the same way commercials stick in our mind. Now we can use it to remember the truth and have fun doing it. Many people doing the Course (ok, probably all, feel they sometimes forget!!! the lesson throughout the day. So here is a little friendly help.. Keep up the lovin' and please come visit me... Blessings, Joy
joy schultz 1/16 Reply
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