March 31, 2009

A Course In Miracles Announcements

I have a few announcements about things and events I really care about. You should too, because A Course In Miracles is not about concepts, but about an experience that goes far beyond anything this world can offer. You are offered a light experience not of this world that will show you your way and encourage you to be about it.

If you haven't been to the Miracles Healing Center in Wisconsin Dells yet, this Easter is maybe your time. We will have an Easter Celebration to celebrate Jesus' resurrection as ours, for it is truly our salvation. That is then "The Fun of Being Everywhere All the Time" which is also our new musical play. Premier will be Easter Sunday.

Miracles Healing Center Easter Celebration

Then there is a new website available which offers the work of The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles. You will find three volumes of his catalogue of videos, also books in print and audio recordings. For every video there you will find a 10 min YouTube preview as well as one complete video for every series. Master Teacher was and is to me the most vibrant, humorous, inspiring and powerful demonstration of what A Course In Miracles offers me. Please do share this site with your world. If you like, here are two banners for you to use:

The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles
The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles

If you are in Europe, you may want to celebrate Easter in Wusterwitz, Germany, where there is a very lively Center for A Course In Miracles. See the PDF flyer for more information: Easter Celebration.

Update: Kira and Scott are no longer teaching in Carmel Valley.

Thank you so much. Happy Easter.

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March 12, 2009

My Ego "Playing Tricks on Me"?

There is a tendency to think of the ego as a thing apart, acting independently from the mind, fooling, deceiving and playing tricks on it. Someone may say, "my ego was giving me a hard time", or, "my ego seeks to make me guilty", or, "it beats me up again." Students of A Course In Miracles are no exceptions to that kind of thinking. Yet this attempt to solve the conflict can hardly be helpful.

(Artist: Beo Nguyen. I like his paintings.)

A Course In Miracles to some extent encourages that approach when it talks about the ego as if it were a separate thing, like in the following quotes from Chapter 4.I:

"When you are afraid, be still and know that God is real, and you are His beloved Son in whom He is well pleased. Do not let your ego dispute this, because the ego cannot know what is as far beyond its reach as you are."

"The ego has built a shabby and unsheltering home for you, because it cannot build otherwise."

"The ego tries to exploit all situations into forms of praise for itself in order to overcome its doubts."

In the following paragraphs we learn about the ego's origin, about how it was made and how it is maintained. This will solve the question of responsibility. Important is that the ego is an idea, and ideas do not leave their source.

"Everyone makes an ego or a self for himself, which is subject to enormous variation because of its instability. He also makes an ego for everyone else he perceives, which is equally variable. Their interaction is a process that alters both, because they were not made by or with the Unalterable. It is important to realize that this alteration can and does occur as readily when the interaction takes place in the mind as when it involves physical proximity. Thinking about another ego is as effective in changing relative perception as is physical interaction. There could be no better example that the ego is only an idea and not a fact.

Your own state of mind is a good example of how the ego was made. When you threw knowledge away it is as if you never had it. This is so apparent that one need only recognize it to see that it does happen. If this occurs in the present, why is it surprising that it occurred in the past? Surprise is a reasonable response to the unfamiliar, though hardly to something that occurs with such persistence. But do not forget that the mind need not work that way, even though it does work that way now.

Think of the love of animals for their offspring, and the need they feel to protect them. That is because they regard them as part of themselves. No one dismisses something he considers part of himself. You react to your ego much as God does to His creations, - with love, protection and charity. Your reactions to the self you made are not surprising. In fact, they resemble in many ways how you will one day react to your real creations, which are as timeless as you are. The question is not how you respond to the ego, but what you believe you are. Belief is an ego function, and as long as your origin is open to belief you are regarding it from an ego viewpoint. When teaching is no longer necessary you will merely know God. Belief that there is another way of perceiving is the loftiest idea of which ego thinking is capable. That is because it contains a hint of recognition that the ego is not the Self."
(A Course In Miracles, Chapter 4.II)

Later in the same section Jesus says that "the ego is the mind's belief that it is completely on its own." It would be foolish to maintain that a belief or idea exists independently, or acts on its own. The question is not that, but how the mind regards the idea. This then is a decision of the mind, which brings us back to our "one remaining freedom" as prisoners of this world: "the power of decision".

"Appetites are 'getting' mechanisms, representing the ego's need to confirm itself. This is as true of body appetites as it is of the so-called 'higher ego needs'. Body appetites are not physical in origin. The ego regards the body as its home, and tries to satisfy itself through the body. But the idea that this is possible is a decision of the mind, which has become completely confused about what is really possible." (same section)

So, what then does Jesus have in mind when he talks about the ego as he does? In the same chapter Jesus gives an explanation. I will quote from the original dictation, for it is a stronger statement than what is given in the second edition:

"We have spoken of the ego as if it were a separate thing, acting on its own. This was necessary to persuade you that you cannot dismiss it lightly, and MUST realize how much of your thinking is ego-directed. But we cannot safely leave it at that, or you will regard yourselves as necessarily conflicted as long as you are here, or more properly, BELIEVE that you are here.

The ego is nothing more than a PART of your belief about yourselves. Your other life has continued without interruption, and has been and always will be totally unaffected by your attempts to dissociate. The ratio of repression and dissociation of truth varies with the individual ego-illusion [...], but dissociation is always involved, or you would not believe that you ARE here."

So, we clearly see that the ego is not a separate thing and neither acts apart from what the mind decides or wants. This is obviously crucial if one is supposed to take back control and take responsibility for what one experiences. As long as I think I am a body, in time and space, I am what ego is. Whatever my "individual ego-illusion" may be, it is still ego. Seeing this allows me to come to terms with what I think about myself. Being honest, I let go of the facade of being a spiritual and holy human being, because it is all the same illusion.

I want to be free, that is all. I want to go beyond this world entirely. That is what I have agreed to do. That is what I need to do in order to be free. And nothing can stop me, but I have to truly want it.

If conflict is an expression of fear, I have to admit that I am afraid of myself, afraid of own thoughts, otherwise why would I conflict with myself, conflict with my thought, dissociate from it and call it ego etc.? There is only one way to undo and heal the split.

"Fear arises from lack of love.
The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love.
Perfect love is the Atonement."
(A Course In Miracles, Chapter 2.VI)

"There is a kind of experience so different from anything the ego can offer that you will never want to cover or hide it again. It is necessary to repeat that your belief in darkness and hiding is why the light cannot enter." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 4.III)

I need to train my mind to be vigilant and stay with truth and God only, instead of giving meaning to what is meaningless, because "the world I see holds nothing that I want." Letting the light in is my healing. There is no other way. It is a required course.

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February 17, 2009

"On a Clear Day"

Again and again we get to see that the message and promise of A Course In Miracles was always known to man. It was and is expressed in the arts, science, and everyday life throughout time, but it still takes one to see and hear it expressed.

For a trained mind that is only natural. In the video On A Clear Day Master Teacher did years ago as part of the Mind Training Series, he uses the song that goes by the same title to show what A Course In Miracles is. Though a great song, someone might not see much meaning in it. But a mind that is changed through miraculous intervention literally thinks differently, and it shows in everything it does. As an expression of a complete healing and transformation Master could not not use everything to teach the message of A Course In Miracles. He surprised with a revelation of new associations and meaning in the most ordinary things. Just as the Course says, "Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong." That is how a trained mind experiences his own reality, seeing God in everything.

On a clear and warm day the ice of the frozen Wisconsin River breaks and melts, but to a still mind everything opens up and gets transparent to see through, forever. Master Teacher expressed it as a translation of space to time.

The song “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” contains everything that you would ever have to know in regard to who you are. Everything that is an indication of a holy instant that’s possible for you to share will be a part of this. If I were just meeting you right now for the first time, I would say, “Would you like to sit and listen with me to a song that is going to offer us a solution to this incredible problem of who we are that we’re experiencing?” Listen.

“On a clear day you can see forever.” An association in time that is ready to orchestrate this lyric is ready to awaken, because the lyric says, “On a clear day you can, on a clear space you can see time. On a clear day you can see forever.” The capacity of your mind (and I’m teaching again here) to translate space to time should begin to amaze you. You take it for granted that you could understand, “On a clear day I can see forever.” No, it’s not really what you said. You didn’t say you could see a great distance. You said you could see forever. You could see eternity.

“You’ll be part of every mountain, sea and shore” is the entire reference of the teaching. “You can hear from far and near a world you’ve never heard before.” I don’t know what you think that lyric is. Obviously it’s the whole Workbook of A Course in Miracles. If I didn’t have the Course in Miracles, I’m liable to come and sit with you and say, “Sing this with me,” or “Talk to me about this,” because this is a direction that’s being offered you that you could actually take.

I’ll try it. “On a clear day rise and look around you.” That got us up to Lesson Number 7. “On a clear day I’m determined to see.” “Today I’m going to rise and look around me.” “And you will see who you are.” It doesn’t say you’re going to discover something out there. What does it say? It says you’re going to see who you are. Who are you? The only living Son of God, cast into a dream for just a moment from which you are now awakening.

“On a clear day how it will astound you.” The amazing experience that I’m sharing with you right now is astounding you. Isn’t it? Are you being astounded by the revealing of what’s suddenly happening to you? “On a clear day how it will astound you.” Are you ready for this next sentence? Who? Yes. Barbra Streisand. Yes, I’m aware of that. Barbra is a very old, dear friend of all of us. You guys are really something.

“On a clear day how it will astound you that the glow of your being outshines every star,” that the essence of the brilliance of your mind in association with the Creative Reality outshines a little twinkling of stars that you heretofore had given all sorts of light associations. “You feel part of every mountain, sea and shore. You can hear from far and near a world you’ve never heard before. On a clear, on that clear day, you can see forever and ever more.”

So I hope you’re happy to hear that God, Eternal Life, doesn’t know anything about the little dream of death that you’ve been having in your own mind. If you’ll let me, I intend to show you an alternative.

You can order videos by Master Teacher at the Miracles Communication Center. "One A Clear Day", however, is available only on VHS on special request.

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February 7, 2009

The Beautiful Poetry of A Course In Miracles

The poetry of A Course In Miracles always fascinates for its perfection. I love how much thought and precision is expressed and given in the text which is published as prose, but both in the Textbook as well as in the Workbook gradually changes to poetry using the form of blank verse. The form and structure of that shift is astounding, if you really look at it. My friend Ray Comeau wrote more about that. See his post, Prose and Poetry of A Course In Miracles.

This aspect of the Course does show the divine origin of this masterpiece. As Steve Russel put it,
"The magnitude and beauty of the Course, simply as a work of literature and without regard to its miraculous content, adequately belie any notion of its human authorship. To those who wonder why Jesus chose to use this form, I can only say that it is clear from the content of A Course In Miracles that healing is its only purpose, and so this poetry must also serve that purpose."

Here is one example of blank verse in the Course, mainly using the structure of iambic pentameter:

"The state of sinlessness is merely this:
The whole desire to attack is gone,
and so there is no reason to perceive
the Son of God as other than he is.
The need for guilt is gone because it has
no purpose, and is meaningless without
the goal of sin. Attack and sin are bound
as one illusion, each the cause and aim
and justifier of the other. Each
is meaningless alone, but seems to draw
a meaning from the other. Each depends
upon the other for whatever sense
it seems to have. And no one could believe
in one unless the other were the truth,
for each attests the other must be true.
Attack makes Christ your enemy, and God
along with Him. Must you not be afraid
with "enemies" like these? And must you not
be fearful of yourself? For you have hurt
yourself, and made your Self your "enemy."
And now you must believe you are not you,
but something alien to yourself
and "something else,"
a "something" to be feared instead of loved.
Who would attack whatever he perceives
as wholly innocent? And who, because
he wishes to attack, can fail to think
he must be guilty to maintain the wish,
while wanting innocence?
For who could see the Son of God
as innocent and wish him dead?
Christ stands before you,
each time you look upon your brother.
He has not gone because your eyes are
(ACIM, Chapter 25.V)

Christ "has not gone because my eyes are closed." I love that.

Finally - the reason why I wrote this post - I want you to meet my friend Ray introducing you to the beautiful poetry of the Course much better than I can do.

Please comment, rate and share The Sheer Poetry Of A Course In Miracles - Ray Comeau on YouTube. Thank you.

Ray Comeau also appears in the documentary film A Course In Miracles Unleashed.

Do you know the Course to be from Jesus Christ?
Does the poetry of A Course In Miracles speak to you of its divine origin?
What is your favorite poetic passage in the Course?

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January 29, 2009

Playing - Five Questions by Danielle

I am playing an interview game. You can play, too. You'll find the rules below.
Danielle LaPorte, author of the refreshing white hot truth, gave me among twenty others who replied to her interview answers, five questions to look at myself. All interview is innerview, isn't it? Thank you for your time and spirit, Danielle.

1. What feeling are you usually trying to create for yourself?

Like everyone else I want to be happy, too often choosing means that guarantee exactly the opposite. As a teacher of A Course In Miracles I am committed to uncover my pursuits of insane ideas to let them be healed. What I experience in this endeavor shows me that I don't know what will make me happy in any given moment. I want to be happy, but don't know how to "create" that feeling except to let go of whatever I think will make me happy. I can only be happy. I consider the lilies of the field and decide for happiness, till I forget and need to remember again that my function is happiness. God created me to be happy as He is.

2. What teaching from the Course In Miracles was most effectual for you?

Oh my, single out one, when they all point to the same thing. What helps me at any given time changes. However, from the beginning I loved the idea that God does not know of this existence, meaning that I am doing it but to myself. Jesus tells me that I am not a body and need not suffer anything. I love the idea that I am seeing only the past. But to answer your question I would have to say that asking for help, asking for a miracle to change my mind, helped me the most. We have to ask for help.

3. What's your guilty pleasure?

Thinking of a "guilty pleasure", my mind still goes to sex immediately. But more and more I come to realize that sex is actually no pleasure. It never was for me. I thought it was, but I was taught wrong. So what is my guilty pleasure? My thoughts and judgments about others? I love to surf and read on the Internet, and often do get lost with it for which I then feel guilty when I stay up late or "waste" a beautiful day, forgetting that I am doing exactly what I want to do. Another thing is driving fast on the highway. In my adolescence I was vehemently opposed to driving a car, especially a heavy and fast one. I don't have one, but I would love it.

4. What 3 books rocked your world?

Well, there are A Course In Miracles, the writings by Master Teacher and the Bible. At university I devoured Norbert Elias.

5. Milk chocolate or dark?

I share your love for milk chocolate. But it needs to have some nuts. Hazelnuts.

I loved your short and pithy answers on your post. Thank you, Danielle.

The interview rules:

* leave me a comment saying: "interview me"
* all comments will be published
* I will e-mail you five questions of my choice
* you can then answer the questions on your blog {with a link back to my blog}
* you should also post these rules, along with an offer to interview anyone else who e-mails you wanting to be interviewed
* anyone who asks to be interviewed should be sent 5 questions to answer on their blog
* it would be nice if the questions were individualized for each blogger

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January 21, 2009

"Wholly Worthy of Forgiveness"

Everyone practicing A Course In Miracles knows this; we have our favorite lessons, sections, chapters, and we refer to them more than to other parts of the Course. But then, when everything seems to fail to help us find back peace and joy, and we are willing to sit for a moment to let the miracle occur, anything can come to mind to help and guide us to the dawn of light in us.

dawning of the light
The other day I reached, or better admitted to and expressed a point of hopelessness and futility for which I really needed a solution, because it was just too painful to ignore it and waste any more time on it. I shared it, admitted defeat and failure, and really did not know what to do. Nothing new, it was just more obvious at that time. So I sat in that, joining the one I had a grievance with in prayer and the desire for change. This line occurred to me: "regard one brother as wholly worthy of forgiveness." I remembered the Golden Rule, admitting that I need to give/offer forgiveness, because that is what I want for myself. I focused on the idea of "wholly worthy of forgiveness" and asked or was willing that my brother be wholly forgiven. I can't do it, but it can be done. It can and will be done by the Holy Spirit the moment I invite him and let him do it. That is so true. It was done. There was the light again. Tears rolled down my cheeks, I started to laugh and experienced communication again. My grievance was undone. Thank God. How easy it is, if I be willing.

Here is the context for the line that came to mind. I love it. My concept of myself seemed real and inescapable. Wrong. All my investment in it - misplaced. Desire something else, and you can be sure it will be given you.

"You cannot give yourself your innocence, for you are too confused about yourself. But should one brother dawn upon your sight as wholly worthy of forgiveness, then your concept of yourself is wholly changed. Your "evil" thoughts have been forgiven with his, because you let them all affect you not. No longer do you choose that you should be the sign of evil and of guilt in him. And as you give your trust to what is good in him, you give it to the good in you.

In terms of concepts, it is thus you see him more than just a body, for the good is never what the body seems to be. The actions of the body are perceived as coming from the "baser" part of you, and thus of him as well. By focusing upon the good in him, the body grows decreasingly persistent in your sight, and will at length be seen as little more than just a shadow circling round the good. And this will be your concept of yourself, when you have reached the world beyond the sight your eyes alone can offer you to see. For you will not interpret what you see without the Aid That God has given you. And in His sight there is another world.

You live in that world just as much as this. For both are concepts of yourself, which can be interchanged but never jointly held. The contrast is far greater than you think, for you will love this concept of yourself, because it was not made for you alone. Born as a gift for someone not perceived to be yourself, it has been given you. For your forgiveness, offered unto him, has been accepted now for both of you."
(A Course In Miracles, Chapter 31.VII)

Interested in more about A Course In Miracles? Please check out our new fantastic A Course In Miracles documentary. See and experience what the practice of this revolutionary mind training offers you:

A Course In Miracles Unleashed

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January 4, 2009

Free from All Past Associations

Today's lesson of A Course In Miracles, "I do not understand anything I see", is a great lesson of undoing our false perceptions and concepts regardless of how we may feel about them. They are all meaningless because reality has nothing to do with them. Reality does not need to be understood. Reality does not need our definition to be what it is. There is nothing to understand. There is nothing hidden. Reality is perfectly clear and open, but it cannot be understood. It can only be known. Yet what are we doing in our minds? We judge. We define everything. In other words, we give everything all the meaning it has for us, and we suffer from the delusion that we understand what we think and see and do.

The meaning we give all things is not true, because we are not thinking with the mind of God Who is the only Source of reality and truth. Justifying what we think things are will not solve our problem. What is our problem? We don't know ourselves.

We don't know the only thing that can be known. We don't know the very thing we are and by which we live. That is impossible and clearly the case of our insanity. Yet normally as humans we do not doubt our situation. Our situation is not based on one true idea. That is why we are given lessons to undo our situations and identity. We train our minds to no longer give meaning where there is none. We train our minds to overlook any appearance and experience of separation. As a result of that we wake up and experience a different world and self. We see Christ and God in everything, no longer to be subject to meaningless and past thoughts. That is a very different experience.

Anything we see is a proper subject for our application of today's lesson. Questioning the suitability of anything for application of the idea is really just our need to be faithful to our own mistaken thoughts and ideas. It is very clear to me that the Course is either totally true or not at all. Truth is true, and nothing else is true. While we can and must not deny our emotions - we are emotionally involved - we cannot let ourselves be deceived by any "emotionally-charged meaning" things may have for us. We have to put such feelings aside and use them as everything else. That is easy if we want to. It is easy when we include everything in with our practice. Only that will set us free. In our judgments we become the jailer of things, and no jailer is exempt from what he does. We practice to be free from our own past associations and let things be what they are. They don't need our thoughts about them.

"The point of the exercises is to help you clear your mind of all past associations, to see things exactly as they appear to you now, and to realize how little you really understand about them." (A Course In Miracles, Workbook Lesson 3)

Did you already check out this fantastic A Course In Miracles documentary? See and experience what the practice of this revolutionary mind training offers you:

A Course In Miracles Unleashed

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