September 29, 2008

Music as Spiritual Practice - Michael Waters

A friend of mine introduced me to Michael Waters, an amazing and truly excellent musician on the acoustic guitar. I am not used to write about music, but to me his is pure, powerful and thoughtful. I absolutely love it. No surprise if it makes you cry.

Michael WatersMichael says about himself and how he came to write his music:
"My pathway has been unusual - 20 years playing as a spiritual practice before composing two songs, then another thirteen years before finally reaching a correct approach to music, resulting in continuous composing since October 2004."
There truly is a plan for all of us. We will play our part when we are ready. It is inevitable and certain, because it is impossible. We just have to look at ourselves and see what is true, innocent and whole. All else will fall away in this healing of our separate minds, and we express and offer our perfection and light to include everything. Having found his way, he says, the "music has matured, and I can no longer approach it as a search, having touched its source."

About his music in short, Michael writes:
"The music I play is not easy to describe, as it has grown as a natural personal expression over 35 years. To young people it is acoustic psychedelic chill, to over 40s it is a classical/world music/flamenco sound... All the indigenous musicians I meet understand it immediately..."

On his website you'll find a presskit with more information about Michael, including reviews, a radio interview and an interesting statement about his playing technique. He also offers beautiful pieces to download for free, according to his own words, "rough sketches and loose recordings", but nevertheless they are beautiful and inspiring.

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Lance Eh. said...

If you ever get a chance to listen to a man named Ted Pierce, he is a Messianic Christian, his music is incredible.

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Thanks Lance, I will check Ted out. Did not find a moment to respond to you earlier. What is a Messianic Christian? Did you know of Michael Waters before? Take care,

Perspective Shift Chris said...

That's a really great post. It is amazing how much music can move a person. I think that using music to aid in spiritual growth should be a given. It can have such powerful affects. Thanks for posting this, I'll check out his music :)