August 11, 2008

"There Must Be Another Way" by Ray Comeau

My friend Ray Comeau published a new book, a collection of 20 essays, "based on deeply-felt, personal experiences of reading the Lessons and the Text of A Course In Miracles." This is the fruit of his contemplation of the ideas of A Course In Miracles and his listening to the Voice for God in order to find and experience the peace of God. I am certain, anyone will greatly benefit from this book in his application of the ideas of A Course In Miracles. Ray is a great writer, and deeply appreciates the power, beauty and depth of A Course In Miracles. Please consider buying his book, and spread the word.

Also, the official release of our new documentary, A Course In Miracles Unleashed, is approaching fast. Use this link for more information and maybe participation in its distribution. I will be busy the next few weeks with translating it into German. Of course we want it to be available in all major languages.

I also was thinking about moving on to a self-hosted blog, using Wordpress as a publishing tool. It looks more professional and allows for more sophisticated plug-ins. Do you have any suggestions? Would you like to be notified? I appreciate any feedback on this. Thank you for coming back to my blog.

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