July 28, 2008

I Do not Understand anything I See

"I do not understand anything I see", is the title of lesson 3 of the workbook of A Course In Miracles. When I apply this lesson to anything I see, I free myself from the past, because all my understanding is based on a past learning. I thereby deny my past learning and let it go. It then cannot hold me to a past reference that is over and gone. That is a very freeing experience, and the question is only, where do I stop applying it? What is so valuable to me that I dismiss the practice of the lesson in any instant? My world is not doing anything in that regard. It is me valuing certain things, ideas or circumstances, habitually reacting to them and thereby defending an idea and image about myself that is not in accord with what God knows and wills. Or I reject something based on what I think that something or someone is and does and my differing preferences, thereby creating a spit identity in my mind by setting up an enemy in my mind, an alien thought that I no longer see as mine, but applying only to the "other".

blind eyeFact is, I never deal with things directly. My physical eyes do not see. They do not report to me WHAT I see. I always react to my interpretations of things. I always deal with thought. And here is the whole problem, and also the solution. Mis-perception is going on in my mind, and it is only in my mind. Since it is always based on an idea, I can let it go by changing my mind. I don't have to buy my own ideas about things. They are entirely meaningless, because I have to admit I do not understand a single thing about anything I deal with on a daily basis. I think I do, but I don't. Without a heightened awareness I go through my day without even suspecting that I have no clue whatsoever. That is what is called "sleeping".

Let's say, I went swimming today. I take off my clothes, stand naked for a moment before I put on my swim wear. What do I know about my body? I mean really know about it. What does the world really know about it? That it is all space, made up of protons and electrons with a vast amount of space in between? What does that help me? What does my body do? Who is governing its movements? O.k, then, dressed, I decide to walk to the pool and jump into the water? Who is doing what? Who lifts my right foot, and not my left? And the water? What is water? It is cool, smooth, soft, gives way to every movement, but also resists. It is made of hydrogen and oxygen, H²O. What else? What do I know by these statements? It has some practical value, yes, but what do I really know and understand? And how much does my self-proclaimed and "blind" knowledge of things get in the way of recognizing something of real meaning?

What to do with this lesson, "I do not understand anything I see"? Well, you are asked to apply it without making any distinctions. What you see in any given moment, is the proper subject for your practicing. You are not asked to question the "suitability of anything for application of the idea", since this is not an exercise in judgment, regardless of what "emotionally-charged meaning" things may have for you. What is the point of it?

"The point of the exercises is to help you clear your mind of all past associations, to see things exactly as they appear to you now, and to realize how little you really understand about them." (Lesson 3, ACIM)

Try it out. See for yourself. This is exciting and liberating. What is going to happen, if you allow yourself to loose your ideas about things and stand naked in not knowing what things are? That is called "being undone" in A Course In Miracles. That is obviously a requirement of the mind training to stabilize a new perception in our minds. And that is what forgiveness is. The idea that something happened in the first place is changed. Nothing did happen. You cannot be hurt. Why? You are not a body. You are free, still as God created you in His likeness.

What do you say what you are seeing? What do you say you know about it? Are you doing the workbook lesson of A Course In Miracles? Please share.

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