June 26, 2008

Did Jesus Fake His Ordeal?

What a question! What assumption would I have to make in order to seriously come up with such a question? Or could it be that as a Christian I accepted ideas about Jesus that would conclude in this question, although I knew that it is out of question, and would not dare to pose it. Let's see...

Today in session I saw an old video -- “The Power Of Decision Is My Own” -- with Master Teacher. There was this particular expression about Jesus in it that I thought was very cool. Master Teacher raised this outrageous question, "you mean he faked his ordeal?", thereby showing the absurdity of the idea that Jesus did not undergo his own transformation and conversion.

In Gethsemane, on the cross, Jesus walked in our shoes in a most extreme example, and like any human being in his moments, he felt abandoned and forsaken. That is what makes him a savior. He was really here. He went through it, and came out the other side, demonstrating the unreality of this world. That is our salvation. There would be no need for such a demonstration when it would have been clear from the beginning that there was nothing to demonstrate. If he was perfect and not also man for this moment in time as I am and as you are, he would not have been here at all to show us another way.

(Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane
by Edward Coley Burne-Jones; 19th century)

So, here is the quote. It is transcribed from the video of a session in 1999 in San Fransisco in the Herbst International Exhibition Hall, The Presidio:

"I heard on television yesterday from a very noted Christian theologian that at the time of the crucifixion Jesus Christ knew exactly who he was. Come on! That he’d been sent from Heaven by God in order to show everybody through his sacrifice that there was nothing to sacrifice. I took one look at it and I said, 'You mean he faked his ordeal.' He would have to. What the hell good is a savior who fakes his ordeal? Can you hear me? If he knew he was perfect, he wouldn’t have to be here. There has to be a moment for him to save me when he felt that moment of conversion.

'Oh, he was sent by God and is perfect, and he faked his ordeal.' That’s not the truth of the matter. The truth of the matter is in Gethsemane, when he went off and all his disciples feel asleep … and he said, 'God, I’d certainly appreciate it if you’d remove this. I’ve done everything you told me to do. I’m standing here and I’m about to be killed. I’d appreciate it if you’d remove this', what happens? Nothing. God can’t hear him when he talks about death. Death heard him and justified his death."

That also is an amazing idea: "Death heard him and justified his death." God does not know of death. "There is no death. The Son of God is free." So, how could He hear anyone talking about death. If God knew about death, we would be condemned to death forever.


Lance Ehrhardt said...

It would be hard to fake the sweating of blood. This occurs only under extreme instances of stress.


God bless!

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Well, Lance, if Jesus was perfect and wholly divine, he would have to have faked this ordeal. What is perfect cannot be in pain, does not know of attack and suffer its seeming consequences. It is one with God, and therefore completely free.

The point for me was to show the absurdity of the idea that Jesus was different from us in what we are and inevitably must be. He was a human being coming to know his true relationship with the Father, realizing the perfection of creation and his own perfect Self. He underwent a transformation, an awakening. He was the first who woke up completely from this dream, meaning his human identity was completely transformed and ultimately disappeared to give way to his whole Self.

Only this fact can exclude the idea that Jesus was faking his ordeal, and allow us to follow him on his way to the Father and be free. Otherwise separation would be true. Or you would have to say, that you and everyone on this planet fakes his ordeals, too. That would work, too, because we do--we are indeed completely fake, but most of us still are unaware of their true power and their experience being the direct result of their thoughts. Yes, this is a Great Awakening: the fact dawning upon our minds that we are simply dreaming a dream of death that has no effect on reality.