May 9, 2008

Update on Recent Activities on Squidoo

Dear Reader,

I would like to let you know about a newly created website (Lens) of mine on Squidoo. It is meant to present some of the masterpieces of teaching and learning that we use in our endeavor to change and heal our minds, first and foremost, of course, A Course In Miracles. I called it "Resources of a Simple Truth: Ideas and Practice of Only ONE Thing - Just Be Here Now"

Another one I just made is called "There Is no Solution here". I tried out the new lens format for a debate hoping to bring an idea to our awareness that easily escapes us in our daily preoccupations and routines. There is no solution here. Wouldn't that be worth an argument? Sometimes I do enter and loose myself in futile discussions, only to realize again, that there is no solution here. Conflict can't be solved on the level were it is seen. A recent debate here on this blog showed this to me very clearly.

How about you? Do you (still) see hope for yourself and others to be in this world and find solutions to the problems of our existence? Don't we all have this nagging feeling of our own futility? I included some fitting expressions from "A Spiritual Teachers Notebook" by Master Teacher. Thank God that this is available. Thank God for me that I can hear this.

I also updated my lenses "The Master Teacher: The Greatest Videos Ever" and "Healing - It's Your Decision In A Course In Miracles". I appreciate your interest and visit, or even comment and support.

Last but not least, a picture of the Wisconsin River from three weeks ago. After this long and hard winter the melt of all that snow let the river raise high. I like the reflection of the deep blue sky on the river. When we step back and don't judge, we see the majesty of ourselves reflected in the world, in nature. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. It is a mistake in our conceptual thought processes and projections to think we are separate from what we think. When we think we see beauty outside, we see ourselves.

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