May 17, 2008

Love and Appreciation for The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles

This is an invitation for everyone who knew -- or did not know -- my teacher, The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles, to join in on PalTalk for an evening to share our love and gratitude for his uncompromising and unwavering dedication to the awakening of each and everyone of us. He left his body on Tuesday, 13th of May. It was a surprise to me, but then it was not. His mission was done. He had called and chosen us, and he has fulfilled his promise to us in our awakening. Thank you, Dear One -- as I call him -- for everything. I am forever grateful to you. I love you.

Now what? This is about my transition now. Nothing has really changed, I still have to apply and teach A Course In Miracles and thereby fulfill my function as a Teacher of God while following him, returning home to our Father in Heaven. I have no idea how that will look like, and how much time it will involve. His last words were, "it will be very short". I do know I want to go home. I don't want to make more time. I don't need to stay here. It is accomplished already. Time is short.

Dear One was truly my teacher who gave me everything every single day I had the privilege to be with him, as he still does. Words fail to let you know what he is for me. I know one thing: he did not leave me. He is with me still, always.

An Evening of Love and Appreciation
for The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles

With Alden and Darla Hughes
from Endeavor Academy and Miracles Healing Center
PALTALK at ACIM Gather Room
7:00 p.m., Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our beloved Teacher and friend, Dear One, left the body on May 13.
Many of you also know Dear One as a teacher of teachers and a beloved friend. We invite you to join us this evening in not just talking about Dear One but BEING with him in a brand new hologram of light that he continues to offer - even now - to everyone.

As you well know, he has not 'gone anywhere'! There has simply been a new offering made of pure, resurrecting light and love. Our personal, ongoing experience is expressed by Jesus so beautifully with the words:
"I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you."

We will share Dear One's deep love for us all by offering his healing voice and some of his favorite songs. We love you and hope to see you there!

For information on our ongoing mission of extending A Course in Miracles, go to Endeavor Academy, or call 608-253-6898. For an experience of Dear One's teachings, see his videos at The Miracles Network or at Truveo, A Course In Miracles with Master Teacher.

To learn about our healing ministry and Course In Miracles Retreats or advent programs, go to The Miracles Healing Center. The Miracles Healing Center also offers a prayer line 24 hours, 7 days a week: 608-253-HEAL (4325)

Watch yesterdays video to experience Master Teacher now...

I'm Guilty Of Loving You

Thank you.

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