January 4, 2008

The Daily Lessons Of A Course In Miracles

Greetings to you, dear Reader... I welcome you to join me in this new year to practice the workbook lessons of A Course In Miracles on a daily basis. One lesson a day. That is all it takes for you to undergo a real shift to a broader view of yourself in this universe, a real experience of peace, happiness and, most of all, freedom from bondage of any kind. It is very simple, because you will be dealing with your own mind, your own thoughts.

There is no other tool like A Course In Miracles. There simply isn't. Simply because it trains you to use the most powerful means for change there is. That is what? It is the miracle, and obviously, A Course In Miracles is a miracle in itself. No human being could have put this text together, and come up with lessons of such brilliance and insight into how your mind works. Thank God, a miracle does not need you to understand it, or to know how to bring it about for it to work.

That is not to say that the ideas and principles of A Course In Miracles are always easy to swallow. Some of them you may want to resist till the end. This does not matter, or reduce their efficacy. Your mind training requires only your willingness, based upon your desire for a new kind of experience. The experiences of the mind training are very individual. No one can tell how it will be. Remember, training your mind means that you will inevitably look at the blocks to your awareness of the presence of love which is your natural inheritance. Love, happiness is what you are. You do not need to "create" or protect it. You have to be who you are, find yourself in your Self. The mind training is an undoing. You will, till the end, always come back to that same moment of separation from your Self, from God and the Universe, to stand there, and let yourself be undone, in a new light and solution for what seems unsolvable from the perspective of that dark and fearful moment.

Indeed, you will be looking straight at what is causing you to experience pain and misery, which is also what is causing apparent others to experience pain and misery. You don't have to accept or believe any of the ideas of the Course for them to work, and help you to find truly a new happiness and freedom. You don't have to know or believe that you are causing all of the pain and suffering in this world to practice the simple lessons of the Course. It is due to the nature of the human condition of fear and lack of love, that this Course will lead you directly into fear. But you won't be left there. The Course In Miracles is the escape from fear and conflict. Nor will you be asked to accept anything about yourself except your own perfect innocence and eternal freedom.

The lessons are perfectly designed for you to learn to let go of any demand and idea of what seems to distract you from looking within at your own mind and heart, and finding what you were always looking for, but did not find in the ever shifting patterns of this world. What will you discover there? Training you mind to think along the principles of the Course will restore you to your own eternal Self and power. "Each small step will clear a little of the darkness away, and understanding will finally come to lighten every corner of the mind that has been cleared of the debris that darkens it." (ACIM, Workbook Lesson 8)

One lessons leads to the next, and each one helps you to open for the possibility of an entirely different world. If you knew you are hallucinating every detail of this world, you would not wait an instant to ask for help and let it be changed and healed. So, if that is what you really want, what are you waiting for? Do the lessons of A Course In Miracles. They really work.

Please, in your mind training look up also the blogs of Tanja, The Light Has Come, who writes beautifully from her own experience with the lessons of the Course, and of Lisa, who made it her resolution for this year, to post daily in Gorgeous For God about the lessons of the Course. See the Miracles Network for the latest videos by The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles.

Great news is also that Marianne Williamson offers a daily radio practice on Oprah & Friends Radio to do the lessons of the Course.

God bless us.

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Lovebabz said...

Happy New Year Alban!
I am currently reading Marianne Willimason's Return to Love, reflections on THe Course In Miracles...I am loving it. She is also doing the Course on Miracles on XM satellite radio--Oprah and friends. It is facsinating. I see why you are so intuned to it.