January 31, 2008

Ask For A Miracle

Lesson 30 of A Course In Miracles says, "God is in everything I see, because God is in my mind". How lucky am I, that I am offered an experience entirely not of this world. This experience obviously transcends time and space, because God is not limited by these inventions and ideas. To my mortal mind this experience must be totally inconceivable and impossible. It is really saying, God is in my mind.

God is in everything I seeA Course In Miracles teaches, I always see my own projections. I am responsible for what I see. What I see in anything, I see because it is in my mind, and because I want to see it. As much as I may say, I don't want this, I hate this, go away, this is not me, I see only my own ideas and images, projected outward. I see through a mirror, darkly. The world is like a mirror. It reflects back to me, what I am thinking, or better what I think I think. Because it is already over, has nothing to do with reality, and does not exist. That is why it is illusory. Illusions can only deceive, but have no real effect. When I believe them, I become one with them; no longer the mind projecting outward, but a figure in a dream of death and separation. It is a separation fantasy, having no meaning whatsoever.

forgiveness shows me a true reflectionA Course In Miracles gives me a mind training. What does it want me to do? Very simply, it wants me to train my mind to become miracle-minded in every moment of my day. If what I see is a reflection of what I think about myself, I can see it differently. I can see it with a different purpose. I can see the purpose of the universe in it. I don't have to continue to believe that it is what my physical senses tell me. According to them its only purpose could be to die, and serve me as a verification of my concepts about myself. When I stop giving them meaning I open my mind for a new interpretation and vision, free from judgment and fear. Only that can offer me peace of mind, and a way out of its conflict. And only that is forgiveness, which brings about a spiritual awakening to the fact that reality is spiritual. You are not a body. You are free.

Because God is in my mind, I can think and therefore see with Him. That is what A Course In Miracles offers me, right here and now. It will always be a miracle. To think and see with God is miraculous, and miracles come from it, because God thinks entirely unlike me. Only miracles can correct my faulty perception, because it is all based on thought. Thoughts do not leave their source. I can not escape my thoughts, or not think, or make them neutral or idle. Every one of my thoughts constitutes this world of separation. What am I going to do? If I want a lasting solution, I need a miracle. Because any solution the world offers me, can only be temporary, and therefore no solution at all. What about meditation? Meditation will not solve my problem. Meditation will not allow me to escape the cause of this world. Only a miracle will. And for a miracle I have to ask, because I cannot make it myself. And I do ask for it, because beyond this world there is a world I really want. Thank God.


Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Hey Alban

you been tagged,..hope you find this fun to do. please visit http//www.wondersofmeditation.blogspot.com


xanadu said...

If we all look deep within ourselves we find that all without ourselves is exactly as the divine intended it to be. Acceptance is the key to humility, and humility is the way to the divine.

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Anu, I haven't gotten to it yet. But thanks for the invitation.

Xanadu, I am not sure whether I got your point. What are you actually saying? Does the divine have anything to do with something outside of me? About humility, the humble accepts himself as God created him, that is perfect and sinless and free, and accepts nothing else, right?

Duke said...

Peace be with the moderator as well as those reading this message.
A great miracle is about to take place.
Soon the curse that is upon this earth will be removed. Then it will be time
to rejoice. It is the dawning of a new day.

cathy said...

This is beautifully written and most enlightening. My mirror is sometimes deceptive cause of my mind and the negative power within. Ah, what a battle to stay centered in Christ's love!

However, I do disagree with your comment that mediation is not conducive to enlightenment. It is an avenue to God and the Light of Love. It has been practiced since time began and is referred to as the way in the Bible numerous times. Please check it out.