December 27, 2007


As long as the focus of my aspiration and action is outside of myself, I will experience despair and loss, never to escape a deep sense of being incomplete, inadequate and helpless. Whatever I may try and accomplish, I will fail and die, if I look outside of myself, thinking fulfillment and completion lies in things I may possess. No god, and no friend can save me, if they are outside of myself. For how could God have meaning, if death is real? How could there be wholeness and love if anyone could really die and be separate? Life in this world is what death is. It is separation, perception of differences. It is what must forever be impossible, if there is one Source of reality. It is only what I have chosen to believe and accept as reality. It is the worshiping of death. It is a mistake. Nothing more, for God is still God, and nothing I ever thought had any effect on reality. This, and only this is my freedom and perfect safety.

If there is one Source of life, I cannot be outside of it. Differences and separation are not true. Reality is one. I am it. That is what A Course In Miracles teaches me over and over again. It is a required course, offering me a mind training to undo my false sense of self, daily lessons to heal my illusory perception of separated states and minds.

It is very simple, and inevitable. I am still me. A Course In Miracles is simply the discovery of Self. Everything I think I am and do in the thoughts I think I think is used for a new purpose to heal my mind. I simply ask for help, follow instructions and trust. A healed mind knows no fear, no anxiety, no lack of any kind. It knows itself as the one Self, united with its Creator. That is what I want: to be whole, to be free from any belief in limitation, and be what I am.

Have you seen "The Snowman" by Ramond Briggs? It is on YouTube. What an amazing movie with an even more wonderful music! Do A Course In Miracles and reach the point where the sad ending of this movie will never again be a part of your life only to arrest your thoughts and dreams in another cycle of death. You are not bound but free forever. Enjoy...

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