December 12, 2007

The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles on YouTube

Here is my first attempt to put the videos of the Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles on YouTube. I start with I Am Sustained By The Love Of God - "Entanglement" The Greatest Mystery In Physics from one of his latest series. YouTube asks me to break them up into 10 min segments which means that there will be six clips for a one hour video. The actual video quality is much better then the impression one gets from these video stills.

I hope this format is helpful to receive this miraculous correspondence of the teachings of A Course In Miracles and all its light and love for which it speaks. If you find the videos beneficial, please pass them on and let others know about it. Finally a long awaited systematic way to train our minds to a complete alternative to loneliness, pain, sickness and death, and be what we truly are in God's Mind. Imagine the world actually watching and listening to these videos!!!

I also would like to upload short clips from these videos to highlight specific ideas and themes. Here is the first one, also from the same video production, presenting the idea of projection that makes perception. In other words, you see a reflection of yourself. You are dreaming.

"Peace to all seeking hearts today. The light has come to offer miracles to bless the tired world. It will find rest today, for we will offer what we have received." (ACIM, Lesson 345)

Merry Christmas to you...


Lovebabz said...

Happy Holidays! I hope this season of wonder, joy and mystery finds you well and in good spirits. I just checked out from the public library Marianne Williamson's book Return to Love-Relections on the principles of The Course in Miracles. I will let you know what I think sometime in the new year!

Alban, Teacher of God said...

That is a great idea, Babz. Good for you. Better watch out. In a second you will have to big blue book, too. I am happy to hear this.

I am really good. Thanks. Merry Christmas, and all my love to you,

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help? I have a question....

Dearest One,

"There is another way of looking at the world" was the (33rd) ACIM Workbook lesson for the day. Herein, I learn that I can shift my perception of the world in both its inner and outer aspects.

I found it very easy to practice surveying my outer world with detachment. It was impossible, to practice surveying my inner world without becoming involved in it.

My inner world is largely sooo lovely, that it is hard to remain detached from it.

I wonder if I am getting confused as to what the inner world is:- when I go into my inner world, it is only ever with the Holy Spirit that I go.

Perhaps the term "inner world" in these lessons refers more to those times when I am sitting around worrying about the past, the future, and the outer world and how to fix it/ cope with it? Because I don't want this inner world!

When I catch myself going there, I pray to the Holy Spirit to guide me into "Our World". Where thoughts stop and gentle stillnes, quietness and Love and Peace Are. In "Our World", the only thing that I remain distantly aware of is the softness and gentleness of my breathing, the millions of ever so fine, ever so tiny champagne bubbles that course through the body, and the feeling that the scalp is going to, indeed MUST open up, to let the upward surging stream of these tiny bubbles jet to the moon and the stars beyond!

I never concentrate on these bubbles, or wish for them to come...they just visit automatically, as soon as I pray to the Holy Spirit...and as the communion is always so concentrated, so blissful, the bubbles' appearance always surprises me, every time.

They worry me a bit - it seems like a bit of a failure to even be aware of them arriving. Is the point not to forget the body completely, during communion?

And it is not as if this only happens during more formal prayer/ meditation happens hundreds of times a day, instantaneously, the second that I call to the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I think the only way to contain me is to pour me into a glass!

Well, in case these bubbles/ energy are a part of the inner world that the Lessons refer to, I guess I need to practice looking upon them with detachment too, every time they surprise me?

If anyone reading this can enlighten me, I would be really grateful to hear from you.

Thank you for your time,

Love, Shell

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, I forgot to include my email address:

Love, Shell

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Dear Shell,

Thank you for your request. I am glad to hear from you, and your practice of A Course In Miracles.

When you use the Holy Spirit to guide you through whatever you experience, you can simply trust that He will help you in just the right way. Doubt and uncertainty can only speak for your tendency to trust in your own strenght.

You don't need to know what the bubbles in your experience are. Just know that transformation is physical. It will have to include the body, and your contact with God, the light, will manifest in various physical experiences. Try not to analyse them. You can, however, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance on this, if there is something you need to learn or know, and also, when you receive it, if that is all.

The inner world, to me, is all my thoughts, and the images I may see with eyes closed. Yes, I would include the bubbles, too. Be grateful for the light and the Holy Spirit. And always remember, there is always more.

Hello, my name is Shell said...

Dear Alban,

Thank you so much for your kind reply!

I did not intend to post directly to your blog site - I thought my question would just go to your email "in box". Sorry about that!

But, perhaps there are other ACIM students studying on their own, like I am, who might be helped by my question ...and your comforting answer. The Holy Spirit answers in many ways :) :) :)

ACIM has been the most wonderful gift in my dream...

We used to have a little study group going. It dissovled because of the tendency to look to one participant for answers and explanations, as if he were the Teacher.

Which indicated that we were not really doing the Course ourselves; that we were neither really following the self-Study philosophy nor really understanding that the Holy Spirit is the Teacher within and available to all of us. (Although the Holy Spirit certainly does speak through our darling friend).

I have continued devotedly with the Course on my own and mostly understand. I began with 3 close readings of the Text (I will read this Text my whole life long - every time I sit down to read it, something new and wonderful pops out to light my path). I have recently started the Workbook Lessons.

The ego gets more sneaky and refined the longer I practice the Course! On very rare occaisions I reach out, as I have done here, when I think I need help with a question and am not hearing the Holy Spirit on my own.

Your reply was really great (excuse the judgement:) - any feelings of uncertainty or doubt are an indication that the ego has sneaked up on me to wish me the fear and guilt that I am somehow failing the Course...Yet Jesus has promised that not even I can fail the Course :) I needed that wee reminder.

In gratitude, may I close with one of my favourite quotes:

Christ's Hand hold all His brothers in Himself:

"The sight of Christ is all there is to see.
The song of Christ is all there is to hear.
The hand of Christ is all there is to hold.
There is no journey but to walk with Him"

ACIM/24/V/p. 510

Love, Shell

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Dear Shell,

Thanks for your feedback.
I appreciate your dedication and sincerity to practice the Course in the circumstances in which you find yourself. You seem to put a lot of emphasis on the idea of self-study. It is true, the workbook is what one does in his mind, on an individual basis. This however, as I see it, does not exclude the use of a group or association to deepen your application and experience with the Course.

We are all teachers, and everyone does it in his own unique way. Everyone has something to offer me, and always a lot more than I suppose. The companionship of other teachers in this awakening is something I would not want to miss. In fact, I cannot imagine to do this all by myself on a daily basis, out in the world, continuing my life with all the usual stuff. I started it this way. At some point I was given another option, and I chose to join others with the same expressed purpose. I don't know what anyone's path is like. But maybe it is helpful for you to hear, that there are centers for transformation that use A Course In Miracles as the main teaching device. Being at Endeavor Academy was, and is very helpful for me.

If I were in a group like you were, I would suggest that participants take turns in teaching for regular meetings. Also, if I feel some are more advanced than me in teaching the Course, I would want them to teach me. Why wouldn't I use them, if it helps me to confront myself, and to come to recognize my Self?

Hello, my name is Shell said...

Dear Alban,

Thank you again, for your lovely reply.

Yes, I would enjoy to and would be grateful to be part of a study group... and for exactly the reasons you point out...I certainly miss the wee study group we had going.

I must rest confident that the Holy Spirit will present me with a study group opportunity, when it is meant to be.

I have already been "sent" your website and videos...and my closest friend gifted me with 8 hours of listening material on ACIM last night (and is incredibly generous and patient when I have questions). Already, very lovely gifts.

Along with a group Yoga practice which includes Yogasana but yet is highly concentrated on the prayer/ meditation side of Yoga, these help to make my spiritual life and learnings less lonely in my little "dream", where spirituality is neither by friends, colleagues nor family happily accepted.

If I did not know better ( :) ), I would say that I am being seriously attacked for my love for God...not that I run around discussing spiritualy and my love for God...My faith must, somehow, simply resonate.

So, thank you again for your kind support.

Love, Shell