November 9, 2007

There Is No Death. You Are Free

This is my request till your next visit.

Please, watch and listen to two absolutely beautiful new videos by Master Teacher, offered especially to you so that you can enter into an experience of what A Course In Miracles is designed to bring about.

It is a joyous experience of something completely, entirely, utterly different from anything you can experience in this world of separation. It will allow you to see that there literally is no death. There is no death, because the Son of God is free. You are free, unlimited and not subject to any laws of time and space. That will be your experience if you can be still for a moment, and will listen truly. Focus, and try simply to listen.

These two new videos are being sent out as a special package to offer this bright new continuum of time where everyone is meeting to return home and remember God.

Please do watch them. They are so beautiful.

The exact titles are:

"There Is Another Way Of Looking At The World."
"There Is No Death. The Son Of God Is Free."

I think you have to register at this site to watch the complete videos. Thanks for watching.

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