November 15, 2007

Savant Syndrome -- Extraordinary Mental Faculties

I just watched this amazing video documentary about Daniel Tammet, a prodigious savant, with extraordinary mental abilities. He loves numbers, sees them as images appearing to him in his mind. He can do incredibly complicate mathematical calculations and give you the numbers of π [pi] which is an irrational number, meaning its decimal expansion 3.1415926535897932... never ends, or repeats. Yet Daniel is able to give you the numbers behind the point to a vast extent, to be exact, he once expressed to an audience up to about 22000 decimal places of π without mistake. This took him 5 hours. What else? He learned Icelandic, a very difficult language, in 7 days to talk on national television in Island. He did very well. These are just a few things that astonished me. He is exceptional among the savants of the world because he is very capable of normal interaction with other people. He is a very likable and kind, sensitive person.

To watch the documentary was a great experience. I think it is within us all to use these abilities of the mind. They are just in a place we seem to not have visited yet. I liked that aspect about this video. Daniel is a very gifted man, and yet he is like you and me. There is nothing mysterious about it. It is what I practice daily in A Course In Miracles, and yet, we all have different talents. So it seems.

Master Teacher did some great videos on idiot savants or savants to introduce us to the idea that everything I see is a memory, an idea in my mind. Therefore, I have access to it instantly, and to all of it at the same time. It is literally so. There is no time, or all time is going on all the time. I see only the past, and it is over. So, I live in a past memory. Yet it must be me who places the limitation on my memory to remember only a tiny fraction of what is in my mind.

Also, these great minds present us with truly miraculous phenomena which could not possibly be explained by what we think we know about ourselves. You hear people in the video quite often say, "this is not human". So what is it then? And who are YOU then?

Watching Daniel was a very joyous experience. It was like sharing with him the miracle of our minds, our creative power as we are as God's children. Absolutely fascinating. What a treat to know someone like Daniel, and have him show me MY mind!!! I love it.

He is an inspiration. Thank you Daniel. I love numbers.

The documentary is a very well made, viewable and enjoyable video.

Unfortunately the video is no longer available to watch online.

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