November 25, 2007

Don't Tell Me There Is No God

The other day I saw August Rush in the theater, a beautiful movie about a boy and musical prodigy, being lost and found again by his parents. It speaks of our desire to belong and be home, and trust that we will be found for our true asking. I was completely taken by the music, especially the guitar parts which are done by Kaki King who became famous with her unique style of playing the acoustic guitar. Her music is so beautiful I have no words to describe, only an experience of something not from here making everyday life feel like nothing.

I remember walking in the woods on a windy day. It is snowing, and every trunk and bush and branch is covered with fresh snow on one side. Suddenly this powerful beauty hits me, and I am struck and overcome by a passionate sense of a much bigger picture. Everyone has these moments. Maybe in moments, when the night sky reveals the vastness of the universe, although we cannot see much more than 2500 stars. It still stirs up a memory of something forgotten and not of this world, but all too familiar.

There is a God, and it is an experience. An experience of something much bigger, much more real and attractive than anything this world has to offer. Yet, in my pre-occupation with my past thoughts these moments are very fleeting, and cast aside by my need to define and explain, and to control my emotions. It takes great learning and mind training not to let my thoughts interfere with what is going on inside me. The peace of God is shining in me now, yet I have to want that above all else to experience it, and to experience it permanently. It's a miracle.

Music helps us to find this experience of peace, inspiration, joy and happiness inside of us. Other than concepts, it touches us immediately, and helps to let go of concepts and ideas.

Here is Kaki King with her song Magazine, live at Winnipeg Folk Festival 2005, to give you a short impression of her wonderful music.

A friend of mine told me about Michael Hedges who played a similar technique when he was still around. He is amazing. Listen to his song Aerial Boundaries. Enjoy...

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