November 21, 2007

Active On Squidoo

In my attempt and inspiration to go new ways to get the message of A Course In Miracles out into the world, I joined Squidoo, and created a few "lenses". It is a great and simple format for expressing your expertise and passion. It is a great platform with many possibilities, also because Google seems to like it, and ranks it well.

I started out with one about forgiveness and healing, and added nine more. I admit, it is quite a lot to maintain and update, and Squidoo is very demanding, when it comes to being included in top ranking positions. You easily end up in a place where you try to please Squidoo instead of following your inspiration, and staying with your original intent. In other words, over time things can get a little out of focus, if you are trying to please other than God.

Image credits: rosemary*

Today I revised one of my first lenses to make it more clear and crisp, more clean in its design, and more consistent in its content. It is not finished yet, but I very much like the result already. A dear friend of mine, Roz, offered to help me with it. It was fun and insightful. I am not so much of an artist; so having the mind of a designer with me makes for great learning in the realm of web design. Tweaking images in Photoshop and looking at the overall composition to make sure that everything from text and other modules, images and all its colors fit well together, helps to offer a more user-friendly experience. If you will take a look at her lenses, though all in Dutch, you'll know what I mean. They are very beautiful, and show great taste and sense for composition. She did four so far, one about light, one about the Call to awaken, one about the door to reality, and finally one about Emerson. You will definitely enjoy them, even if you don't speak Dutch.

So, would you like to see what we did so far? The lens is about God, and the idea of judgment. Master Teacher stresses very often the idea that God does not judge. Rightfully so, for it truly is a key idea in practicing A Course In Miracles, and entering in to a real relationship with God. The world is obsessed with judgment, and invests heavily in a judgmental God. How offensive is the idea that God does not judge!!! It means that in the universe no one cares about what you think and do. The call is only to wake up and be who you are. So take a look at my lens about God not judging.

The other lenses of the first generation are about forgiveness in particular, healing and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Recently I got inspired to use the new "Ever" format on Squidoo. Literally, after having a really great day, I made four lenses in one evening; one for the Greatest Message Ever, one for The Best Youtube Videos Of All Time, one for The Greatest Videos Ever, and finally one for The Greatest Teaching Of All Time. Another one, about The Greatest Jokes Ever, followed a few days later.

I hope you like them, and feel inspired by them. If so, please give me a five star rating for which you will have to register at Squidoo. Thank you very much.

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