October 10, 2007

Time -- The Problem of Locating Yourself

This post invites you to an incredible exploration of the idea of time on video, dealing with our frustration in trying to answer the question of what time is, and offering the miracle of the collapse of time to be born again.

With Einstein we know of the complete relativity of time. Through Heisenberg we can be certain that we will never be able to locate ourselves in time/space, yet we do so with stubborn ignorance, holding onto and justifying an idea of body identity that contains all of our past memories, and projecting them into a future that is not different from the past, if time is a dimension like space is. Yet all we can say in any given moment is that there is no time; this instant is the only time there is. The idea of time is not the idea of God. Does the fox know of time? Does the primate plan for the future? Who is it that knows of time, and lives his life by its laws?

A Course In Miracles teaches me that time is an invention of my mind. Who am I without time? What is the "time" before time? What can collapse the distance between the Alpha and the Omega? If I can look at time as the distance between the beginning and the end, I can also admit that all time must be already over. I must be over in whatever I think of myself. Who am I then? (Image credit: Cory Ench; click on the image to get to the artist's page. The still picture of the embed player below is from the same artist.)

Obviously, it takes a miracle to collapse time so that I can experience myself as I truly am, before time was, and after it is over. Since there is no one but me making up time, the miracle would have to happen in MY MIND. That is what A Course In Miracles is about. It's mind training provides the means for the undoing of my time identity. That is the adventure, everyone is looking for.
"The miracle minimizes the need for time. In the longitudinal or horizontal plane the recognition of the equality of the members of the Sonship appears to involve almost endless time. However, the miracle entails a sudden shift from horizontal to vertical perception. This introduces an interval from which the giver and receiver both emerge farther along in time than they would otherwise have been. The miracle thus has the unique property of abolishing time to the extent that it renders the interval of time it spans unnecessary. There is no relationship between the time a miracle takes and the time it covers. The miracle substitutes for learning that might have taken thousands of years. It does so by the underlying recognition of perfect equality of giver and receiver on which the miracle rests. The miracle shortens time by collapsing it, thus eliminating certain intervals within it. It does this, however, within the larger temporal sequence." (ACIM, Chapter 1, Revelation, Time and Miracles)

"The idea that the conceptual mind, in its organization of time, can actually locate itself anywhere is the dilemma of the Uncertainty Principle of Jesus. The simple fact of the matter is you can’t. Did I forget to locate ourselves here for just a minute? Here…I did, I charged into that a little bit. Let’s come together for just a moment. I’m looking at our relative associations based on the Revelations that I just read you. Say to me: 'I am the Alpha and the Omega.' I am the beginning and the end. Here’s a problem you have: in your idea of the sequentiality of objectivity association, you believe that if you collapse your beginning and your end, you’ll be nothing – you’ll be gone. I want to assure you that because of the entirety of the uncertainty of your relationship in space/time, the moment you didn’t attempt to locate yourself within your identity of your invention of time, you would not be gone, OK, but in the entirety of the Mind of God. You would not be lost, but found.

Very simply the idea of your location in time, human, in your invention of your determination to organize within the whole fundamental idea of separation, is why you’re here.

Time, or the idea of time within your objective association, is in a literal sense, what’s denying you the creative entirety of the universe.

Here I am within an aggregation of your identity of yourself, in the conflict that is inevitable in separate location, showing you that the immediate solution would be to locate yourself with objects that are apparently contained at the speed of light, in the certainty that at any single moment you can be found in your entirety.
We are discovering to our happy amazement the complete relativity of our associations with each other in the fabric of the idea that we even fundamentally could have been separate, so that the basis of our reality is then the idea that once we have located ourselves within space/time, we must justify it. The idea that it’s not justifiable is a threat to you, because the determination of your consciousness association with yourself is where the justification lies. The problem is not that so much, the problem is that in the justification for yourself in time, cannot not be your own termination. Do you see? If you’ve invented time, an idea about what you intend to be in a correspondence with yourself, you cannot not get the result of your own time frame." (Excerpt by Master Teacher in Quantum Resolution, Episode III)

The third episode from the Quantum Resulution series is to be seen here:

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