October 29, 2007

Big Mind

Thanks for bearing with me. I just came back from an Advent of A Great Awakening in Ohio which was quite a trip for me. I am grateful to be back, but more grateful to be part of this awakening and project of teaching A Course In Miracles. What better could one possibly do? I should be able to write a little the next few days.

Meanwhile, I have "Big Mind", a great little video and song by a musician and friend of mine. A friend said, it is a real piece of art. I agree. I love the song. Great imagery. Watch the synchronisms when the music blends with the images. If all this was intended? Enjoy...

What do you think of the song? Know of similar songs?


Ashley Olivia Ann Ryan said...

What a beautiful song!!

Thank you so much for sharing. mmmmmmmmmm, Heaven.


xanadu said...

Not the best i have heard