September 27, 2007

Why It Is Always A Miracle

Here is an incredible statement from A Course In Miracles. It is in chapter 9, section VII, "The Two Evaluations". You find these gems whenever you open the book in need of help, asking for a new perspective. How true that is!!!

landscape of stoneHaving had an experience of something not from me, or of something not from my closed thought system and its effects, I can see why when in doubt, conflict or fear, I simply need a miracle. I cannot correct myself, because I am part of the problem. In fact, I am the problem.

I can only let it be, ask for help and trust in something beyond me to provide me with the solution. I use Jesus Christ who gave this Course In Miracles to me to heal my mind. In Him I receive help and correction. And this is all the training I need; that I learn to step back and listen to the Teacher who knows the answer. Everyone hears the answer, but few choose to listen. When I think I know, I won't listen. I don't know. In not knowing is therefore my salvation, because only then will I stop to listen to my own voice and not provide the answer that does not work. What when I do think I know? Well, I have to use up what I hold on to. The faster I see that I only use the past, and can let go of it, the less pain will I experience. It is all up to me. Jesus is always with me, yet I have to choose to listen and want only His solution.

"You cannot evaluate an insane belief system from within it. Its range precludes this. You can only go beyond it, look back from a point where sanity exists and see the contrast. Only by this contrast can insanity be judged as insane. With the grandeur of God in you, you have chosen to be little and to lament your littleness. Within the system that dictated this choice the lament is inevitable. Your littleness is taken for granted there and you do not ask, "Who granted it?" The question is meaningless within the ego's thought system, because it would open the whole thought system to question.

I have said that the ego does not know what a real question is. Lack of knowledge of any kind is always associated with unwillingness to know, and this produces a total lack of knowledge simply because knowledge is total. Not to question your littleness therefore is to deny all knowledge, and keep the ego's whole thought system intact. You cannot retain part of a thought system, because it can be questioned only at its foundation. And this must be questioned from beyond it, because within it its foundation does stand. The Holy Spirit judges against the reality of the ego's thought system merely because He knows its foundation is not true. Therefore, nothing that arises from it means anything. He judges every belief you hold in terms of where it comes from. If it comes from God, He knows it to be true. If it does not, He knows that it is meaningless.

fairy forestWhenever you question your value, say:

God Himself is incomplete without me.

Remember this when the ego speaks, and you will not hear it. The truth about you is so lofty that nothing unworthy of God is worthy of you. Choose, then, what you want in these terms, and accept nothing that you would not offer to God as wholly fitting for Him. You do not want anything else. Return your part to Him, and He will give you all of Himself in exchange for the return of what belongs to Him and renders Him complete." (ACIM, Chapter 9.VII)

God is incomplete without you. Yet God cannot be incomplete. So, what about you?

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There is only totality. That is the foundation for forgiveness in this world. The world is a hallucination including the one making this statement. It is undone by the application of the mind training of A Course In Miracles BY my mind, since it is not outside of me.

Devil's Lake from West Bluff

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