September 30, 2007

The Miracle of A Course In Miracles

Course in MiraclesA Course In Miracles is a magnificent tool and document of my awakening, which is the awakening of the human species. When I first bought the book and started really reading it in my home, I was so fascinated by the power and truth of it, that I made little notes of sentences, paragraphs to take them with me to work. I knew it was the truth, and what I was always looking for. When I discovered it contained a workbook with a daily lesson to practice its ideas in every moment, I immediately wanted to do them, and did. And still do to this very day. It is my discipline of my mind in my desire for a complete solution of something totally different. The Course is not a play in philosophical ideas, does not offer another doctrine or another system of thought. No, it is a means for the undoing of my system and structure of thought, of my identity, of what I think I am as a body figure in space time, all of which is not true. What I think I am has nothing to do with reality. Yet as long as I use my thinking to define what I am, and let it tell me what to do and where I am, I will be in need of correction and the undoing of it.

Devil's Lake State ParkThat is what A Course In Miracles is about. The word of God is written in and on my mind. God's voice is talking to me all the time. Yet since I have made up a whole world to hide God and truth from my mind, there is an undoing required. It involves a process of forgetting what I have made, and also of remembering of what is true. In that my freedom and sanity of mind is restored. That is my happiness and joy. That is what I really want.

Stone telling a storyThe experience of the miracle, and the change of mind is brought about through the application of its lessons. In that there is an action of mind involved that is the inevitable consequence of the fact that it is about my mind - not someone else's mind -, and about my thoughts that I need to watch and let go. It is about my participation, and availability for something different. In doing the lessons the magnificence of the Course becomes obvious and an experience of a newness of myself that I do not want to miss for anything in the world. I do forget about it, but the world simply fails to offer me anything I really want, once I have experienced this new mind of light and truth and power beyond the darkness and littleness of this world.

Stone revealedHow about you? If you would not need the lessons, you would not need A Course In Miracles, and you would not be here at all. Since you find yourself here, you have only one choice. That is to be about your Father's business, and to train and teach your mind to a new perception of each and everyone in the world. What else is there to do? Getting old and sick and dying in the end is not an option. It is insanity.

I invite you to watch two little clips of a good friend of mine. Greta is her name, and she loves the Course. I love the way how she expresses her appreciation for it. She is very passionate about its mind training. See for yourself.

Thanks for watching...

Let's pray with Jesus.

How can illusions satisfy God's Son?

"Father, the truth belongs to me. My home is set in Heaven by Your Will and mine. Can dreams content me? Can illusions bring me happiness? What but Your memory can satisfy Your Son? I will accept no less than You have given me. I am surrounded by Your Love, forever still, forever gentle and forever safe. God's Son must be as You created him.

Today we pass illusions by. And if we hear temptation call to us to stay and linger in a dream, we turn aside and ask ourselves if we, the Sons of God, could be content with dreams, when Heaven can be chosen just as easily as hell, and love will happily replace all fear." (ACIM, Lesson 272)

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