July 16, 2007

Think, Think, Think... of Gratitude

Jesus ChristGratitude is a powerful idea. It always reflects who you truly are. It represents an act of your mind that brings you in alignment with Reality, with your Self and God.

There is one Source of Reality or Life, and that Source is YOUR Source, which you could not leave and never can leave. That means you are still as you are within that Source. There is nothing outside this Source. Therefore you have every reason
to be grateful. In fact, you have no reason and no justification not to be grateful.

The world you see shows you a self image that is a parody and mockery of who you really are. It is your own idea of who you are, separate from reality. Since there is no separation, it is an impossibility. Call it a dream, call it an illusion. It does not matter. What does matter is that it is your dream, your illusion. As such you need not be concerned about it at all. Fear of anything only shows you have forgotten who you are. Since you are love, created by Love like itself, you can not be anything else.

The question is what do you want. There is no possibility that you do not get the immediate result of what you want. Cause and effect are not apart. Everything you experience and receive is the answer to what you have asked for and invited to come to you. The only difference is whether it is true or not. Do you like what you get? Can you be grateful for what is not true?

OK, you want to wake up from your dream of death. How then do you wake up? How do you return to Reality, to God? How do you leave this illusion of death back to the Reality of Life? Very simply, it is always an act of grace not of you. You cannot do anything to accomplish this. God does take this step. Your responsibility is let go of everything that would hinder your re-cognition and return to God. That is called forgiveness in A Course In Miracles. It is forgiveness of what never was. It is an assertion that you are still as God created you. Nothing that you did had any effect on reality. You are innocent. Yet finding yourself in time, you are guilty and afraid. That is why you need A Course In Miracles. A Course In Miracles shows you what forgiveness is, and teaches the true application of forgiveness. Thereby it lets you remember who you are as a Son of God. Nothing else will work. There is nothing you can do to make this world a better place. There is no solution possible for this world that will ever work to bring you happiness and let everyone win, except that you realize the true power of your mind and undergo a change of everything that you seem to be. To have no solution for this world, to face a problem that is not solvable should make you very happy, because then, and only then are you free from the necessity to solve its problems.

Then you can go on to the idea that a problem that has no solution cannot exist. Therefore, the YOU that sees the problem cannot be real either. That is your freedom and salvation. Therefore, lets look at gratitude in lesson 195 from A Course In Miracles. Lets THINK of gratitude.

Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

Gratitude is a lesson hard to learn for those who look upon the world amiss. The most that they can do is see themselves as better off than others. And they try to be content because another seems to suffer more than they. How pitiful and deprecating are such thoughts! For who has cause for thanks while others have less cause? And who could suffer less because he sees another suffer more? Your gratitude is due to Him alone Who made all cause of sorrow disappear throughout the world.

It is insane to offer thanks because of suffering. But it is equally insane to fail in gratitude to One Who offers you the certain means whereby all pain is healed, and suffering replaced with laughter and with happiness. Nor could the even partly sane refuse to take the steps which He directs, and follow in the way He sets before them, to escape a prison that they thought contained no door to the deliverance they now perceive.

Your brother is your "enemy" because you see in him the rival for your peace; a plunderer who takes his joy from you, and leaves you nothing but a black despair so bitter and relentless that there is no hope remaining. Now is vengeance all there is to wish for. Now can you but try to bring him down to lie in death with you, as useless as yourself; as little left within his grasping fingers as in yours.

You do not offer God your gratitude because your brother is more slave than you, nor could you sanely be enraged if he seems freer. Love makes no comparisons. And gratitude can only be sincere if it be joined to love. We offer thanks to God our Father that in us all things will find their freedom. It will never be that some are loosed while others still are bound. For who can bargain in the name of love?

Therefore give thanks, but in sincerity. And let your gratitude make room for all who will escape with you; the sick, the weak, the needy and afraid, and those who mourn a seeming loss or feel apparent pain, who suffer cold or hunger, or who walk the way of hatred and the path of death. All these go with you. Let us not compare ourselves with them, for thus we split them off from our awareness of the unity we share with them, as they must share with us.

We thank our Father for one thing alone; that we are separate from no living thing, and therefore one with Him. And we rejoice that no exceptions ever can be made which would reduce our wholeness, nor impair or change our function to complete the One Who is Himself completion. We give thanks for every living thing, for otherwise we offer thanks for nothing, and we fail to recognize the gifts of God to us.

Then let our brothers lean their tired heads against our shoulders as they rest a while. We offer thanks for them. For if we can direct them to the peace that we would find, the way is opening at last to us. An ancient door is swinging free again; a long forgotten Word re-echoes in our memory, and gathers clarity as we are willing once again to hear.

Walk, then, in gratitude the way of love. For hatred is forgotten when we lay comparisons aside. What more remains as obstacles to peace? The fear of God is now undone at last, and we forgive without comparing. Thus we cannot choose to overlook some things, and yet retain some other things still locked away as "sins." When your forgiveness is complete you will have total gratitude, for you will see that everything has earned the right to love by being loving, even as your Self.

Today we learn to think of gratitude in place of anger, malice and revenge. We have been given everything. If we refuse to recognize it, we are not entitled therefore to our bitterness, and to a self-perception which regards us in a place of merciless pursuit, where we are badgered ceaselessly, and pushed about without a thought or care for us or for our future. Gratitude becomes the single thought we substitute for these insane perceptions. God has cared for us, and calls us Son. Can there be more than this?

Our gratitude will pave the way to Him, and shorten our learning time by more than you could ever dream of. Gratitude goes hand in hand with love, and where one is the other must be found. For gratitude is but an aspect of the Love which is the Source of all creation. God gives thanks to you, His Son, for being what you are; His Own completion and the Source of love, along with Him. Your gratitude to Him is one with His to you. For love can walk no road except the way of gratitude, and thus we go who walk the way to God.

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