July 5, 2007

No Freedom without Responsibilty

A Celebration of Freedom
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The fireworks are over. Beautiful images stored on your digital drive, do they remind you of a cool evening breeze after a hot summer day? What is it that lets you remember your freedom? Are you free? How do you declare your freedom? And how about your declaration of independence, does it mark a historical event, a political decision, or a much more powerful statement of who you really are as a human being?

Your constitution guarantees you the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom of choice. Yet are you free here? Are you free without the willful act of determining who you really are, and what you really want in you heart, and claim it with all your mind and strength? Is there another will than yours, conflicting with your own, and you in conflict with it? And how could that be true within the Will of God?

How quick it happens that you forget what you want, and that you are free, and that no one ever, under any circumstance, can take your freedom away from you, not even you yourself! Does it take much to delude yourself into believing that you are what you see, limited to your body and its senses? What is it that you do, when your doctor diagnoses you to have cancer of your brain or breast, your prostate or bones, your balls, or of your skin? What, if he tells you from the laboratory report, you are ill beyond any medical healing or anything he can do, and that you will bite the dust in two months, if you won't have an immediate surgery?

Do you know of someone who is not afraid of cancer and death? What does your fear make you do? Can you be fearful, and be free at the same time? Can you ever be free, as long as perceive yourself as a body? Where could you go, being a body, even with the speed of light? Can you be really free, if there is death? Did ever any man come back from the dead and tell you what death is, and that it does not constitute a doorway to heaven? The one who came back, Jesus, did not justify any belief in death. And yet, look at how closely you adhere to your belief in death. I am not even speaking of what you do in your everyday life in fear of losing something.

You are free, and you must be in heaven, NOW. You are free, and you cannot be a body, trying to protect itself from all the onslaught of this world. You are free, you are happy, and you know God. That is your reality, your inalienable freedom given by God.

A Course In Miracles lets you know of and practice a new idea, one like "I am not the victim of the world I see" and followed by "I have invented the world I see." Speaking from my own experience, I really have to want freedom. If I find myself in a low frequency of depression and desperation, nothing can help me out of it, unless I use the miracle. Yet the miracle depends on me being responsible for what I am going through. Then can it happen. Without responsibility I am forever a plaything of any power that is outside of me. There is nothing outside of me. In taking responsibility for my thoughts, actions and thought manifestations, I let no law of sin be applied to me, but admit to my causation of it. Then I have a choice. Then, and only then, can I choose, remember and declare my freedom. It is the independence of who I am in the sight of God, forever perfect and loving as my Father's Love.

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me. God does not judge. He loves me, and if I join His Love, I cannot be sick, and pain and death are gone.


Anonymous said...

The Bible is the infallible word of our Lord. If you are a TRUE Christian, you follow these these commands:

Who You Should Kill

--Unruly or rebellious child. Deut 21:20-21
--Those who curse or hit their parents. Lev 20:9, Ex 21:15
--Worshipers of other gods. Deut 13:6-11
--Psychics, witches. Lev 20:27, Deut 13:6-11, Ex 22:18.
--Those who do not believe in Jesus (parable). Luke 19:27.
--Those who work on the Sabbath. Ex 35:2 (Moses kills a gentile for this. Num 15:32-36.)
--Those who are accused by at least two people of wickedness. Deut 17:6.
--The children and babies of enemies. Num 31:17, Deut 20:13, Psalm 137:9, Lev 26:29.
--Adulterers. Lev 20:10.
--Homosexuals. Lev 20:13.
--A woman who is not a virgin when married. Deut 22:13-21.
--Those who are careless with murderous livestock. Exodus 21:29.

Who You Should Hate

--Those who eat crab or shrimp. Lev 11:10.
--Those who sacrifice an animal to God that has a blemish. Deut 17:1.
--Those who remarry the same person after divorce. Deut 24:4.
--Homosexuals. Lev 18:22.
--Those who are proud. Prov 16:5.
--A woman who wears pants. Deut 22:5.
--A man with long hair (Jesus?). 1Cor 11:14
--Those who call others fools Mat 5:22

Should we still do this stuff?

--All OT laws still apply in NT. Matt 5:17-19


You don't dare to try and FILTER and pick and choose from the word of God right? You don't pull that nambie-pampy "out of context" silliness with passages you don't like, but then wholeheartedly accept those you DO like? That is SIN!

So either you are a TRUE Christian, and you'll follow those loving commands from God. Or you are doomed to be tortured in hell forever! Oh Glory!

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Great, then you also have to show me how you do it: Love and hate at the same time. Punish and forgive at the same time. Kill and raise from the dead at the same time, burning in hell forever and living eternal in God and Christ. How can there be hell in God, unless God is evil!!!

Since I am in Jesus Christ and God, hell cannot be real, no matter how hard I might try to give it reality in my mis-constructed self-identity and addiction to death.

The resurrection did occur. And this is already all over. That is your required course that leaves you nothing but to accept it at any given time you choose to do so. The curriculum is not for you to establish or interpret. We tried that for a long time. Certainly obvious, it did not work.

May I say, "forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they do or say, but nonetheless teach themselves all the time."

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Regarding infallibility, dear Reader, you can only say, the word of God is infallible. The receiver, the one who listens and hears is of course not infallible in his hearing. Unless your hearing is Christ-controlled, you can give no guarantee for what you hear, except that it is what you wanted to hear. If your hearing and heart be single, your ear will be full of light.

The idea of hell is certainly an idea of separation. As such it is impossible and false. An error needs correction. What is the miracle except the correction of your false thinking? Whoever accepts the idea of hell as true, does not believe in ONE God. God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. If God is all-encompassing and omnipresent, where can there be hell except in my mind in the idea of separation from Him? Yet I have to take responsiblility for that, I alone. To ascribe God my own evil past does not change anything. God is still God, and does not know of my dream of death.

The experience of separation is what we call hell. I am always astonished how we could get so screwed up in our thinking regarding the idea of sin. In the Aramaic and Greek text, there is a totally different notion of sin compared to what many people and sincere believers adhere to. Basicly it is the idea that what we call sin, is a mistake, a missig the target in terms of an action of mind. Remember the idea about adultery? You commit adultery by the mere thougth. As such a thought can only be true or false. Nothing more. True thoughts are the thoughts you think with God. False thoughts need correction. There is no justification for the idea of sin, as we know it being taught by so many.

Yet who wants to go that far and dismiss the idea of objective reality in favor of reality being subjective, meaning the only creative level is the level of thought. Thereby one has to change his mind in order to change anything. And all your religious dogma vanishes into the nothingness it came from.

Thank you,

Lizzie said...

Maybe the 'anonymous' reader would be more convincing if he/she had the courage of his/her convictions rather than hiding behind an anonymous comment!