June 9, 2007

The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles on Oprah

Today I have submitted a request to Oprah Winfrey and the producers of her show to invite the Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles. All that it comes down to is, that I want the truth to be exposed and made known to everyone. "...what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops."

Maybe it is time for the world, in my dream, to be told the truth. The question certainly is, what do I have to lose? I decided that I will not die. Period.

Here is my submission. Thanks for considering and support for this idea.

Dear Oprah Winfrey,
dear producers of the Oprah show,

As a teacher of A Course In Miracles I am grateful to you for bringing up challenging ideas and issues on your show that stir us up in our ideas about ourselves. Because in my love for Jesus Christ I know that we have a mission and passion to teach who we really are in the certainty that the crucifixion is over and there is no need for anyone to suffer because all suffering is simply my poor choice of the past.

Challenging our ideas and introducing new ideas in A Course In Miracles is a vital aspect in my healing and transformation of mind. Your contribution in that regard inspires me to ask you to invite the Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles to come on your show. He is my teacher who taught me not to obey the laws of sickness or the laws of this world, because he so amply demonstrates in every second of his sojourn here that there are no laws but God's. He truly is not subject to the universal creed every human being here has subscribed to. Therefore he becomes everyone's hope and certainty that there is a better way, that there is a different kind of experience to access in simple determination so that I can leave this place of pain and sickness and death and be happy and free as my Father's Will created me to be.

He recently expressed willingness and determination to go on your show. I want that to happen, because I want the truth to be expressed and taught, without compromise. I have met no one who does a better job in that regard, simply by what he became and is. He does not get old, he does not get sick, and he does not die. He continually undergoes a profound change that teaches me in every step along the way that he is not a body and not whatever I might think of him, and so am I. He is the greatest challenge and threat to my human identity that the teaching of Jesus is actually true and only waiting for my acceptance. His recent video production series "Life Begins At 80" clearly shows him, born 1927, as a changed man that is free from the bondage of human destiny. He is not the 80 year old guy that he is in my record of him. Through him I experience a better reflection of myself.

Please, watch his message and ministry online at: http://www.themiraclesnetwork.com/
or link directly to the Flash video player: http://www.themiraclesnetwork.com/featured_videos.html

I have been shown that the Course is my truth, that it works and that it leads me out of this world of darkness and despair to my freedom by the grace of God. I am very grateful for this chance to present Master Teacher to you. Please invite him to your show. He is purely Jesus Christ in his revolutionary demonstration of who I really am.

Please call me and let me know about your further steps.

With all my love,
Alban Fenle

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Anonymous said...

Nice invitation.
Thanks Alban