June 13, 2007

Lenses on Squidoo to Offer A Course In Miracles

Recently I started making lenses on Squidoo to offer A Course In Miracles and what I have come to know in the application of its lessons. It is a great tool with many options of modules to include the multimedia possibilities of the web.

It is a little different from doing a blog in the sense that it is more a work in progress as a whole. With a blog I just start with my first blog and then go along in whatever intensity of posting ideas and things out there. With my lenses it takes me a moment to get to the point where I want to offer it. It is however still a work in progress. But I would like to invite you to take a look at my first lense that I called "A Course In Miracles Multimedia Teaching of Forgiveness and Healing through the Grace of God".

Enjoy checking it out. I put quite some stuff together, including some interesting blogs, books that I came across. Of course some videos by Master Teacher in his teaching function as a teacher of A Course In Miracles. You also can vote on the idea "I have enough of this world." Read a moving story on the experience of the devastation of Nagasaki, and be ready for the miracle of the change of your mind.

If you like it, please, pass it on to friends, blog it, rate it, and come back to find out about updates.

Thank you very much,

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