April 21, 2007

Not Just Cancer, Everything Is Your Decision...

The Miracle Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland is coming up the coming weekend, and it looks like it will stir up some controversy. Finally, A Course In Miracle is getting some attention. The Scottish newspaper "The Scotsman" wrote today: "Cult that claims cancer is a choice brings 'miracles' event to Scotland", where they even quote the Course In Miracles from Lesson 152:
"No-one suffers pain except his choice elects this state for him. No-one can grieve, nor fear, nor think him sick unless these are the outcomes that he wants. And no-one dies without his own consent."

I like that. Thank you. While it has been reduced to the idea that I am not the victim of cancer for instance, but actually choose to have cancer, A Course In Miracles still teaches that everything is your decision.
"I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 21.The Responsibility for Sight)

That would have to include cancer and any other sickness, but not just that. It is about the whole idea of who you are. It is whether you are the perfect Son of God -- therefore be ye perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect --, or whether you are a body in a space time location, which will never reflect the perfection that is you as a Son of God. Therefore, the fundamental goal of the Course is to train your mind to a different perception of yourself. It does not concern itself with your need to be well - although physical healing is included as a result of the change of your mind -, but that you remember who you are as a perfect creation of God. The aim is to remove "the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance." (A Course In Miracles, Introduction) That is freedom and liberty. You are not a body, therefore you cannot be sick. Sickness is a defense against the truth...

A lot of the comments on the article attack the Royal College of Surgeons for giving their facilities to A Course In Miracles International, saying it should stand up for "science and rationality", yet who could be more scientific than Jesus of Nazareth, who rose from the dead and came back three days after his crucifixion. Jesus definitely was not accepted by the establishment 2000 years ago. Yet he healed the sick and raised the dead. The world is your hologram, and you are not bound to the laws you made up for it to obey. Finally science is about cause and effect. Who would have accepted 200 years ago the idea of electric light, or flying, or talking on the phone through a wire connection. Now we go wireless. Do you have any idea of what is possible? Isn't all of this a miracle of your mind? Writing and reading through a computer to express and reflect your ideas...

Some comments criticize the idea of a suggested donation, saying that Jesus never asked for money, and neither received money. I know he said, that you should give everything away. Why is that? You only give to yourself, and - look out - God only gives!!!

Some say that anorexia may be a disease of the mind, but not cancer. How would that be? Who governs and maintains the body? Who, if not the mind? How can anyone say he is getting old and sick, while not a single cell in his body is older than a year, but all cells constantly rejuvenate themselves, undergo changes. Who but the mind places a limit on the processes in the body based on past memories and experiences?

Another said: "Certainly Jesus can heal, certainly following his lead can bring better health, but Christians at all times point to Jesus and his work on the cross first, miracles later." Jesus told his disciples before he underwent His crucifixion to heal the sick and raise the dead (Mt, 10:8). So what in Heavens name is wrong with miracle healing? You should heal the sick and raise the dead, if you say you are follower of Jesus.

What scares the camel dung out of you is that you actually can heal the sick and raise the dead. If you do, you will see that all sickness is truly a decision of your mind, and that you are causing all the pain there is, and that only you can heal it, through the power of your mind, which is God's power. But who would want to take that stand? You? In Edinburgh?

For an updated list of events and A Course In Miracles teachings visit A Course In Miracles International.


Yves said...

I'm glad to have encountered yhour site, Alban, and thank you for visiting mine. I have not found much to disagree with in what ACIM says, and I would even go so far as to say that for those attracted to it, it's a wonderful discovery.

For myself, life is the course in miracles. Life has the additional virtue of not being accompanied with any particular dogma or holy book; though many of us have the misfortune to be brought up within a culture or family in which such conditioning is imposed.

There are those of us content to be lone human beings without God, without creed, but who by progressively rejecting the stuff that society tries to inject into our heads are able to connect with Nature and what I shall call natural religion, which contains within it all that ACIM contains, speaking to the individual. We can all be prophets, in fact. We can all discover what we need to discover, with life as our teacher, when the time is right.

ACIM is part of life and for that I salute it, as I salute you, dear Alban.

Alban said...

Hi Yves,

thank you for your kindness. You are rigth, life is the course in miracles, and it is definitely the experience, and not the dogma and books and concepts that can show me what life is. My conceptual mind is not what life is.

A Course In Miracles is my salvation because I can love it, and use it to undo my conceptual mind. While it is conceptual it never stops there, it always offers me the miracle of the correction of my erroneous perception and false thinking. It addresses my situation without giving it reality. That is a miracle.

Finally I realize that there is just me, my mind and my thoughts. I am responsible for this world. I made it all up, it did not leave its source to be separate from me, to die and crumble into nothingness. In the miracle it is healed and gone. I AM God, one Self, united with my Creator and all creation.

Anonymous said...

You know, if what you believe is working for you then maybe it is not my place to say anything, but on the other hand it seems to me that maybe I would be remiss in not saying something.

I don’t think you have the message of the gospels quite right. It may be true that healing miracles are possible with the right perspective, but I believe there is good reason to believe that the NT references to healing and raising people from the dead are an allegory for a mental process and are not about medical healing.
I believe they are talking about being alive in Christ or in other words reaching the stage of understanding referred to as enlightenment.

I like that you pointed out the last part of Matthew 5:. I believe that is a key bit of information on how to spiritually improve ones self. I point it out occasionally to obnoxious people that think they are Christians to make them aware that they are not even close to following the scripture.

Some place Jesus tells a potential disciple to “let the dead bury the dead.” Makes perfect sense if the dead are ordinary people not enlightened or alive in Christ. It’s hard to see how it makes sense any other way. Many other reasons to believe that the gospel is about a very real transformation that we can make, but not the literal or surface meaning that most people get from it.

Another reason to believe that the real message of the gospels is difficult to grasp and is counterintuitive, is the verse that warns not to cast your pearls before swine. The pearls referred to is the hard won understanding of the real gospel message. Sharing this with people of shallow understanding will tend to make them feel attacked for their understanding of the gospels and thus they may, “turn and rend you.”

Further it is made clear that all of the parables (and many other sayings as well) have hidden meanings. I believe that only two parables are explained in the gospels. In the sower and the seeds the various types of ground the seeds fall on are representing different types of minds. Jesus says that in the interpretation of the parable. It seems that example was put there so as to alert the true seekers of knowledge that hidden information is present in all the other parables and sayings.

If you believe that you have experienced the world in a new and inspiring way because of the way you interpreted the NT, I suspect that you are probably right. I don’t think that such things are incompatible with my understanding of the gospels but I do think it is a little bit off tangent from the main message.

The world as illusion is Maya in the Hindu system, right?

I hope you interpret this as an attempt to help rather than criticize.
(or maybe you already know this and you are just putting an easier lesson out there to attract beginners to the path.)

Alban said...

Dear what is your name,

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your involvement and concern. I experience the Gospel like you do in the sense that it speaks of something of a deeper yet very simple meaning that people can often not even see in the parables.

It is about life, about the laws of mind, about God and my relationship with me as His Son, and what I need to learn to accept the truth about me. Everyone on this earth is dead, as you said, because there is either life or not, and obviously nothing created by God can perish. So-called "life" in this world is what death is, yet through Jesus Christ I am offered a thought system, a mind training, a practice to remember who I truly am.

Sickness and death are not a part of what I am. So, in the application of the miracle I certainly can heal and raise the dead. If sickness is a decision of the mind, everything can and will be healed by a simple change of mind. Anyone dead, that is me, you, everyone on this planet and everyone who has ever or will ever come here, can hear the Voice for God and be resurrected through the grace of God. Enlightenment is not a change. It is but a recognition of what always was. In that sickness and death fall away, just as darkness disappears when the light comes. Everyone coming in touch with the energy and light of reality is healed, that is the transformation that you mention. I am all the sickness there is. I am healed. Therefore, I am not healed alone.

Also, if I as an integral part of Universal Mind experience myself as physical, as a human being, and know that as all that I am, my healing and resurrection, even if it is only of the mind, would have to be physical. My experience would have to be very physical, of course also emotional and mental.

I hope, that makes clear, where I am coming from.

I did not quite understand, what you were looking at, when you wrote: "The world as illusion is Maya in the Hindu system, right?"

Kind regards and light and peace,

Anonymous said...


You can call me “outofstep,” that is my screen name on the Stumble website. Thank you for reading my post and taking the time to write a good response to it.

When I commented on “Maya” I was responding to something from your Stumble profile. Sorry for the confusion.
From your stumble profile:
“I am a teacher of God in the discovery that this world has nothing to do with reality. It is of my own making and does not exist.”

I agree with almost everything that you wrote in the response you posted on May 1. It seems that a large part of our understanding is in agreement. But the areas in which we might learn from each other will likely be the things that we see differently.

I’m not sure what “God” means. I don’t really think of God as a separate entity, maybe something more like the universal mind. I am still searching for understanding in this area, so I don’t know whether there is much difference in our understanding there.

I believe there are a few different spiritual/wisdom traditions in the world that know the truth or at least are close to the truth. One of course was the tradition that produced the New Testament as well as some works that did not make it into the New Testament. I believe that the Zen and Taoist traditions also had and may still have an understanding of the truth. I believe there are other such traditions as well.

I think I read somewhere in the Zen tradition where a Zen master warned students of Zen against miracles/magic. I took the point of this to be that, at a certain level of understanding it is truly possible for the mind to determine what we experience in the physical world. This seems to be the same thing you are saying when you talk about us being responsible for our state of health. I accept that it is likely true. However my thinking is that, the Zen teacher was making the point that taking the trouble to affect physical reality, or indeed even caring about the state of physical reality, is to deviate from the path toward enlightenment, or the understanding of what we actually are.

I think that all of the references in the gospels or even the rest of the New Testament of healing or raising the dead, are meant in the sense of being awakened to who/what we really are. Curing blindness referred to enabling the person to see the correct pathway to enlightenment. I think that every one of the afflictions mentioned has a hidden meaning, of some kind of thing keeping that person from making progress toward awakening. Whether actual healings happened is not clear to me. Perhaps they did, and the writing deliberately employed stories that had two meanings in order to hide the deeper meaning from those that would be offended by it.

There are many references to the fact that the gospels and other writings have hidden meanings. The one most often encountered, says something to the effect, “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Whenever I encounter that, I take it to be a reminder that the main message of the scripture is written in the “hidden” language.

Several people have written about the “hidden” message in the Old Testament as well as the New.

Emanuel Swedenborg, (1688-1772)
Jack Ensign Addington, (died in 1998)
Dr Maurice Nicoll (1884-1953)
P. D. Ouspensky, (1878-1947)

To my way of looking at it, Swedenborg gets a lot of it wrong, but reading his stuff opened my eyes to so many new ways of looking at things that it was still very useful. He points out that there are different styles of writing in the scripture, I don’t know if he’s completely right, but it made me aware that maybe I should read the prophets a little differently than the books of Moses and the New testament differently yet, and so on. But many of the “hidden” meanings of the bible terms seem to be exactly the same from the oldest of the Old Testament up to the latest of the New Testament writings.

I looked for a good link to Swedenborg’s writing, but I was unable to find the site where I had been reading his stuff.

Addington wrote a book titled, “The Hidden Mystery of the Bible,” that I found very helpful. I think his definitions of the hidden meanings of bible names and terms are much more accurate than Swedenborg’s, but even with Addington you have to use his glossary as only a starting point.
Although the words “hidden” or “secret” are used to describe these meanings I don’t think it was meant as a way to hide the truth from anyone. It was simply realized that, unless you work to increase your understanding, the message in the scripture will not make sense to you.

I guess my main point in this comment would be that I think there are several aspects to the path to enlightenment, and that if we do not advance in all of them we will not be able to reach our goal. You seem to be doing much better than I am in the faith aspect.
I don’t feel qualified to name or characterize the other aspects, but for one example, think of the Buddhist teachings about non-attachment. With enough faith you can change the physical reality so as to make it more to your liking. Or with non-attachment you can let go of ways of thinking that lead to unhappiness. I think that perhaps both of those things and maybe other things as well are required to reach the state of remembering who we actually are.


Anonymous said...


I love the saying about asking, seeking and knocking, because I experience the truth of it so often. Just after I posted yesterday, I stumbled (in both senses) onto this page:


I don’t know if this page gives accurate information about being balanced. But I think it explains the idea much better than I was able to.

I’ve had a growing suspicion for a number of years that the huge body of science that is our current civilizations claim-to-fame, is simply the result of so many people’s faith in it. One day it may lose favor and be no more true than astrology, numerology, etc. I believe amazing things can happen if you have the faith that they will, but unless that faith is guided in the right direction it will not lead to enlightenment. Our faith in science has resulted in an amazingly complex view of the cosmos, but I don’t think it is bringing society nearer to enlightenment.
What do you think of this view of science, or the idea that we need to balance different aspects of our spiritual development?

Matthew chapter 13 particularly verses 10-17 talk about how the message of the bible is not for everyone. Also remember Matthew 7:14 which says: “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”
I take these things to mean, that not nearly everyone is able to receive the message in the scriptures, do you see it differently?


Alban said...

Thanks for your comments, outofstep (or is it stepoutof?).

I'll make if very short. As it is said in I. Corinthians, chapter 13, my faith, my good works, all my understanding, all my mental capacities, if I don't have love in my heart, I am NOTHING.

If the teaching of Jesus would not be for everyone, He would have violated this fundamental requirement, which is love. Love knows not of exclusion, of specialness. Love only gives and knows everything like itself. Love creates everyone like itself.

As I understand or read Matthew 13, it is me that has shut myself off from the truth. I have shut my eyes so that I do not see. I have closed my ears to the Voice for God and decided to listen to my own voice. If I would open myself up to the Voice for God, to the vision that is God's gift to me, I would immediately turn to Jesus or the Holy Spirit to be healed from my error, this error that let this whole world of nothingness arise so that I can delude myself into thinking that it is not my thoughts that generate the experience I have, but that I can be a body with an innocent face blaming everyone else for my thoughts and end up believing that my will is not my will anymore, and that my thoughts are not my thoughts.

Yet I can not escape or get rid of my thoughts. In fact, in my preoccupation with my past thoughts, I loose the ability to truly listen, to understand anything.

I need to let go of my meaningless thoughts, meaning I first have to admit to and watch my thoughts, be mindful, take responsibility for them and actively dismiss them and choose the Thoughts I think with God.

I like what you say here:
"Although the words “hidden” or “secret” are used to describe these meanings I don’t think it was meant as a way to hide the truth from anyone. It was simply realized that, unless you work to increase your understanding, the message in the scripture will not make sense to you."

That is true for me. It is not the truth that is hidden in any regard. I am lost in my preoccupation with separation, self-will, self-interests, my own thoughts and ideas. Only in training my mind to a different perception, and learning to really listen to the Voice for God can I understand. My conceptual understanding and thinking blocks the truth. I have to die to it and be reborn, for I am nothing without love.

If sickness is the sole result of my own thinking in terms of separation, of thinking of myself as separate from God (which would have to be what Universal Mind is), by changing my mind, the body and any other body would have to follow my changed perception. If I am healed, I am not healed alone. Miraculous physical healing would have to occur by changing your mind. It does in fact occur. How often do doctors say, "yes, these things do happen", and then go on with their routine!

I am saying, you can only wake up, if this is your dream entirely. If there is anything that would cause sickness apart from you, there would be a power outside of you. You would be split forever.

I am not saying, anyone should concentrate on physical healing. The Course is very clear on that. The mind that thought the body can be sick needs healing. Once the mind is healed, the body follows and all sickness disappears. Yet, Jesus as a total threat to this world became very much everyone's attention through the healing and all the miracles that he worked. Would you be able to still read about Him without the miracles He worked, or others experienced through Him? Maybe not...

Would they have wanted to kill Him without the raising of Lazarus? Show anyone that death is not real, and they really will come after you. "How dare you? I can kill you and prove you are wrong." The human mind dwells in a very limited span between suspicion and viciousness.