April 13, 2007

A Miracle Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

Welcome to Edinburgh to share in a very new and miraculous continuum of time.

We Are Celebrating Our Escape From This Place Of Darkness And Death To The Light Of Eternal Life. We have discovered through the unworldly masterpiece that is “A Course In Miracles,” a Mind Training that is leading to the very real physical, mental and emotional transformation of ourselves, and the recognition that each of us is a whole part of the eternally creating source of all reality.

Our host for this event will be The Master Teacher along with Teachers of God from around the world. We will share the memory of our awakening and realization of Christ Mind and demonstrate the power of all minds to undergo a complete reformulation that recognizes the joy and happiness that is the eternal life we share with God.

Now Is The Time... Here Is The Place
All Are Invited... Come Just As You Are

The sole purpose of this gathering is to re-establish communication between this world and the Universe that is apparently outside and all around us. There is no concern here with any religious doctrine or political or social philosophies of any kind.

Go to A Course In Miracles International for an updated list of events.

You are waking up from your dream of separation. It's a miracle... Thank you...

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