April 5, 2007

Freedom through A Course In Miracles

Easter is the celebration of perfect freedom. The resurrection of Jesus demonstrates to me that I am not a body, but free and still as God created me. As long as I think I am a body, and doubt my nature, I am in need of correction, and mind training to teach myself what I want to learn. Doubt is my choice not to be who I am, thinking that I can be something else, thinking that what is life can die and be dead.

It is always the same error, a mistake in identity. God did not change His Mind about me. I did. Now, I have apparently a choice to make:

"Seek not to make the Son of God adjust to his insanity. There is a stranger in him, who wandered carelessly into the home of truth and who will wander off. He came without a purpose, but he will not remain before the shining light the Holy Spirit offered, and you accepted. For there the stranger is made homeless and you are welcome. Ask not this transient stranger, "What am I?" He is the only thing in all the universe that does not know. Yet it is he you ask, and it is to his answer that you would adjust. This one wild thought, fierce in its arrogance, and yet so tiny and so meaningless it slips unnoticed through the universe of truth, becomes your guide. To it you turn to ask the meaning of the universe. And of the one blind thing in all the seeing universe of truth you ask, "How shall I look upon the Son of God?"
Does one ask judgment of what is totally bereft of judgment? And if you have, would you believe the answer, and adjust to it as if it were the truth? The world you look on is the answer that it gave you, and you have given it power to adjust the world to make its answer true."
  (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 20.III, Sin as an Adjustment)

Today I put this insanity away. It is not worthy of the Son of God. I choose my perfect freedom in God. Thank you Father.

"Nothing can hurt you unless you give it the power to do so. Yet you give power as the laws of this world interpret giving; as you give you lose. It is not up to you to give power at all. Power is of God, given by Him and reawakened by the Holy Spirit, Who knows that as you give you gain. He gives no power to sin, and therefore it has none; nor to its results as this world sees them, - sickness and death and misery and pain. These things have not occurred because the Holy Spirit sees them not, and gives no power to their seeming source. Thus would He keep you free of them. Being without illusion of what you are, the Holy Spirit merely gives everything to God, Who has already given and received all that is true. The untrue He has neither received nor given.
Those who choose freedom will experience only its results. Their power is of God, and they will give it only to what God has given, to share with them. Nothing but this can touch them, for they see only this, sharing their power according to the Will of God. And thus their freedom is established and maintained. It is upheld through all temptation to imprison and to be imprisoned. It is of them who learned of freedom that you should ask what freedom is. Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars, for those with little wings have not accepted for themselves the power to share with you."
(A Course In Miracles, Chapter 20.IV, Entering the Ark)

A Course In Miracles is my way out of this impossible situation of being captured in a body, in this "isolated speck of darkness; a hidden secret room, a tiny spot of senseless mystery, a meaningless enclosure carefully protected, yet hiding nothing." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 20.VI, The Temple of the Holy Spirit).

It's a miracle...
Happy Easter...

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