April 25, 2007

Forgive Your Enemy...

"Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." (Lk 6,37)

"Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (Mt 5, 43-48)
That is all there is to keep in mind and practice on a daily basis. In my forgiveness is the world released. In my forgiveness I am saved and free to be perfect as I was created by my Father Who is in Heaven. Not the world has to change, not you have to change, I have to change my perception about the world, about you. That is how I heal and free my world. My thoughts about the world, about you, about me, do not mean anything, because they are not shared. Yet since they are my thoughts, I can let them go, can decide to think otherwise, to think with the Mind of God. I can join with my mind what is out of time, simply by wanting something else without defining it.

Everyone knows this from his own experience. We all know of situations of great intensity, let's say of a sudden "life" threatening situation, where we stop the usual chatter in our minds and connect with something greater, whether we are aware of it or not. When you are faced very directly and blatantly with a situation you cannot handle or solve, you surrender, you give up. That is when something else takes over. Everyone fears to do this, because we think it is death. We really think we can die. Yet we don't die. Something else takes over, and can take over only in our surrender.

Once I knocked on some neighbours door to offer help. I was hearing a little child cry for a while two or three floors above my flat, and stressed, aggressive adults shout. I was worried and concerned about the child, and I did not have a better idea than go up and ask what was going on, and offer my help. A guy, whom I did not know, oppened the door, and, staring at me, shouting, suddenly jumped at me, grabbing my throat with both hands, and threw me down the stairs. I was in shock and had to somehow manage not to fall down. It all went vey fast. When I ended up with my back to the wall half a level down, I suddenly was very clear and without concern about the attack, without defense, saying, "I only came to help, how can I help?" The guy did not expect something like this, I don't know what went on in his head, but he suddenly let go of me. I guess he was in shock, too. It was a wild experience. I was shaking, but was very clear and determined in my mind. I came to offer help. "Do you need help?" He calmed down a little and asked me to come with him. We went into his flat where there was the mother and the little child, crying. I guess they just could not handle the crying anymore and lost it. Why did he attack me? Maybe because of the stress and guilt for not being able to handle the situation and provide for the child what he was asking for.

Who cares, it was a valuable experience that showed me that I need not fear. There is always help and a clear thought, because God goes with me wherever I go. Sometimes it takes a little more to let me realize that I really need help and to let go of everything.

What does this have to do with forgiveness? Forgiveness is about having a true purpose, about being determined to offer love and help, to be harmless and see the love or the call for love in another's acts and expressions, no matter what their form may be. If you do, or better can allow that, then something else takes place. A miracle steps in, showing you light, joy and peace underneath what seemed to be hate and fear, showing you the unreality of the situation as you perceived it a moment ago.
"My function here is to forgive the world for all the errors I have made. For thus am I released from them with all the world." (A Course In Miracles, Workbook Lesson 115)
You are free. Forgive, and you realize that your are free.

That is what is offered in Edinburgh this weekend, truly a Miracle Festival in the determination and declaration that there is something else beyond this world of pain, sickness and death, a real Alternative. You are a miracle, you are whole and perfect as you were created. Forgiveness sees you as you truly are.

Watch the Edinburgh videos by Master Teacher to learn and practice forgiveness.

Thank you for watching. It's a miracle.

April 21, 2007

Not Just Cancer, Everything Is Your Decision...

The Miracle Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland is coming up the coming weekend, and it looks like it will stir up some controversy. Finally, A Course In Miracle is getting some attention. The Scottish newspaper "The Scotsman" wrote today: "Cult that claims cancer is a choice brings 'miracles' event to Scotland", where they even quote the Course In Miracles from Lesson 152:
"No-one suffers pain except his choice elects this state for him. No-one can grieve, nor fear, nor think him sick unless these are the outcomes that he wants. And no-one dies without his own consent."

I like that. Thank you. While it has been reduced to the idea that I am not the victim of cancer for instance, but actually choose to have cancer, A Course In Miracles still teaches that everything is your decision.
"I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 21.The Responsibility for Sight)

That would have to include cancer and any other sickness, but not just that. It is about the whole idea of who you are. It is whether you are the perfect Son of God -- therefore be ye perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect --, or whether you are a body in a space time location, which will never reflect the perfection that is you as a Son of God. Therefore, the fundamental goal of the Course is to train your mind to a different perception of yourself. It does not concern itself with your need to be well - although physical healing is included as a result of the change of your mind -, but that you remember who you are as a perfect creation of God. The aim is to remove "the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance." (A Course In Miracles, Introduction) That is freedom and liberty. You are not a body, therefore you cannot be sick. Sickness is a defense against the truth...

A lot of the comments on the article attack the Royal College of Surgeons for giving their facilities to A Course In Miracles International, saying it should stand up for "science and rationality", yet who could be more scientific than Jesus of Nazareth, who rose from the dead and came back three days after his crucifixion. Jesus definitely was not accepted by the establishment 2000 years ago. Yet he healed the sick and raised the dead. The world is your hologram, and you are not bound to the laws you made up for it to obey. Finally science is about cause and effect. Who would have accepted 200 years ago the idea of electric light, or flying, or talking on the phone through a wire connection. Now we go wireless. Do you have any idea of what is possible? Isn't all of this a miracle of your mind? Writing and reading through a computer to express and reflect your ideas...

Some comments criticize the idea of a suggested donation, saying that Jesus never asked for money, and neither received money. I know he said, that you should give everything away. Why is that? You only give to yourself, and - look out - God only gives!!!

Some say that anorexia may be a disease of the mind, but not cancer. How would that be? Who governs and maintains the body? Who, if not the mind? How can anyone say he is getting old and sick, while not a single cell in his body is older than a year, but all cells constantly rejuvenate themselves, undergo changes. Who but the mind places a limit on the processes in the body based on past memories and experiences?

Another said: "Certainly Jesus can heal, certainly following his lead can bring better health, but Christians at all times point to Jesus and his work on the cross first, miracles later." Jesus told his disciples before he underwent His crucifixion to heal the sick and raise the dead (Mt, 10:8). So what in Heavens name is wrong with miracle healing? You should heal the sick and raise the dead, if you say you are follower of Jesus.

What scares the camel dung out of you is that you actually can heal the sick and raise the dead. If you do, you will see that all sickness is truly a decision of your mind, and that you are causing all the pain there is, and that only you can heal it, through the power of your mind, which is God's power. But who would want to take that stand? You? In Edinburgh?

For an updated list of events and A Course In Miracles teachings visit A Course In Miracles International.

April 18, 2007

Truth Will Correct All Errors In My Mind

I had an idea to ask you, dear reader, for your favorite lesson of the Course. I would like to publish a collection of favorite lessons. If you want to contribute, please email me your favorite lesson, and also a few words why you chose this lesson.

Here is today's lesson, Lesson 107, "Truth will correct all errors in my mind",
which gives a very clear indication of the magnitude of what you are trying to achieve.

But let's look first at one thought of Master Teacher: "The problem with coming to know Truth is not so much that you are the deny-er of it, but rather the denial itself." You cannot come to know truth, you can only be who you are. If you give every error in your mind to God, you will be undone and truth will dawn upon you as your natural inheritance, and you will rest in Him who is your Self.

"What can correct illusions but the truth? And what are errors but illusions that remain unrecognized for what they are? Where truth has entered errors disappear. They merely vanish, leaving not a trace by which to be remembered. They are gone because, without belief, they have no life. And so they disappear to nothingness, returning whence they came. From dust to dust they come and go, for only truth remains.

Can you imagine what a state of mind without illusions is? How it would feel? Try to remember when there was a time, - perhaps a minute, maybe even less - when nothing came to interrupt your peace; when you were certain you were loved and safe। Then try to picture what it would be like to have that moment be extended to the end of time and to eternity. Then let the sense of quiet that you felt be multiplied a hundred times, and then be multiplied another hundred more.

And now you have a hint, not more than just the faintest intimation of the state your mind will rest in when the truth has come. Without illusions there could be no fear, no doubt and no attack. When truth has come all pain is over, for there is no room for transitory thoughts and dead ideas to linger in your mind. Truth occupies your mind completely, liberating you from all beliefs in the ephemeral. They have no place because the truth has come, and they are nowhere. They can not be found, for truth is everywhere forever, now.

When truth has come it does not stay a while, to disappear or change to something else. It does not shift and alter in its form, nor come and go and go and come again. It stays exactly as it always was, to be depended on in every need, and trusted with a perfect trust in all the seeming difficulties and the doubts that the appearances the world presents engender. They will merely blow away, when truth corrects the errors in your mind. 

When truth has come it harbors in its wings the gift of perfect constancy
, and love which does not falter in the face of pain, but looks beyond it, steadily and sure. Here is the gift of healing, for the truth needs no defense, and therefore no attack is possible. Illusions can be brought to truth to be corrected. But the truth stands far beyond illusions, and can not be brought to them to turn them into truth.

Truth does not come and go nor shift nor change, in this appearance now and then in that, evading capture and escaping grasp. It does not hide. It stands in open light, in obvious accessibility. It is impossible that anyone could seek it truly, and would not succeed. Today belongs to truth. Give truth its due, and it will give you yours. You were not meant to suffer and to die. Your Father wills these dreams be gone. Let truth correct them all.

We do not ask for what we do not have। We merely ask for what belongs to us, that we may recognize it as our own. Today we practice on the happy note of certainty that has been born of truth. The shaky and unsteady footsteps of illusion are not our approach today. We are as certain of success as we are sure we live and hope and breathe and think. We do not doubt we walk with truth today, and count on it to enter into all the exercises that we do this day.

Begin by asking Him Who goes with you upon this undertaking that He be in your awareness as you go with Him। You are not made of flesh and blood and bone, but were created by the selfsame Thought which gave the gift of life to Him as well. He is your Brother, and so like to you your Father knows that you are both the same. It is your Self you ask to go with you, and how could He be absent where you are?

Truth will correct all errors in your mind which tell you you could be apart from Him। You speak to Him today, and make your pledge to let His function be fulfilled through you. To share His function is to share His joy. His confidence is with you, as you say:

Truth will correct all errors in my mind,
And I will rest in Him Who is my Self

(A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 107)

Can you do this? For an hour? For a whole day even? Do you see how much you need a miracle? Truly a miracle in order to even pay attention to what is going on in your mind, so that you can turn it over to truth for correction. What a state of mind it would be... Beyond anything this world can offer or grasp. How was that, anyone who uses more than 3% of his brain, would not consider to stay in this place of darkness and death?

All you need is to seek truly, and you must find immediately.

Do you need a reminder of the Miracle Festival in Edinburgh? Hmmm, here was an outdated link, but here is the event, going on right here and now. You might want to take a look at visiting Endeavor Academy if you feel you want to know that all time is going on all the time. Please keep watching the videos by Master Teacher in my last post. Thank you.

Another thing. For those who have subscribed to my blog, I was wondering whether the feeds are well readable. Please let me know, if you have any difficulties.

Thank you for everything.

April 13, 2007

Forgiveness Is the Key to Happiness

A Course In Miracles Videos for you to join in on the Miracle Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland with The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles. Watch 5 videos directly related and produced for the Edinburgh Event. Everyone is welcome to experience the miracle that acts as a catalyst in the correction process set forth by A Course In Miracles. Come as you are to be a part of this Great Awakening. Forgiveness is the key to Eternal Life. (Update: The playlist of the player below has long since changed, but if you are interested, you can still order them where you can get all of our materials.

You can do anything I ask. I have asked you to perform miracles, and have made it clear that miracles are natural, corrective, healing and universal. There is nothing they cannot do, but they cannot be performed in the spirit of doubt or fear. When you are afraid of anything, you are acknowledging its power to hurt you. Remember that where your heart is, there is your treasure also. You believe in what you value. If you are afraid, you are valuing wrongly. Your understanding will then inevitably value wrongly, and by endowing all thoughts with equal power will inevitably destroy peace. That is why the Bible speaks of "the peace of God which passeth understanding." This peace is totally incapable of being shaken by errors of any kind. It denies the ability of anything not of God to affect you. This is the proper use of denial. It is not used to hide anything, but to correct error. It brings all error into the light, and since error and darkness are the same, it corrects error automatically.
True denial is a powerful protective device. You can and should deny any belief that error can hurt you. This kind of denial is not a concealment but a correction. Your right mind depends on it. Denial of error is a strong defense of truth, but denial of truth results in miscreation, the projections of the ego. In the service of the right mind the denial of error frees the mind, and re-establishes the freedom of the will. When the will is really free it cannot miscreate, because it recognizes only truth.
You can defend truth as well as error. The means are easier to understand after the value of the goal is firmly established. It is a question of what it is for. Everyone defends his treasure, and will do so automatically. The real questions are, what do you treasure, and how much do you treasure it? Once you have learned to consider these questions and to bring them into all your actions, you will have little difficulty in clarifying the means. The means are available whenever you ask. You can, however, save time if you do not protract this step unduly. The correct focus will shorten it immeasurably.
The Atonement is the only defense that cannot be used destructively because it is not a device you made. The Atonement principle was in effect long before the Atonement began. The principle was love and the Atonement was an act of love. Acts were not necessary before the separation, because belief in space and time did not exist. It was only after the separation that the Atonement and the conditions necessary for its fulfillment were planned. Then a defense so splendid was needed that it could not be misused, although it could be refused. Refusal could not, however, turn it into a weapon of attack, which is the inherent characteristic of other defenses. The Atonement thus becomes the only defense that is not a two-edged sword. It can only heal.
The Atonement was built into the space-time belief to set a limit on the need for the belief itself, and ultimately to make learning complete. The Atonement is the final lesson. Learning itself, like the classrooms in which it occurs, is temporary. The ability to learn has no value when change is no longer necessary. The eternally creative have nothing to learn. You can learn to improve your perceptions, and can become a better and better learner. This will bring you into closer and closer accord with the Sonship; but the Sonship itself is a perfect Creation and perfection is not a matter of degree. Only while there is a belief in differences is learning meaningful. (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 2, The Atonement as Defense)

A Miracle Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

Welcome to Edinburgh to share in a very new and miraculous continuum of time.

We Are Celebrating Our Escape From This Place Of Darkness And Death To The Light Of Eternal Life. We have discovered through the unworldly masterpiece that is “A Course In Miracles,” a Mind Training that is leading to the very real physical, mental and emotional transformation of ourselves, and the recognition that each of us is a whole part of the eternally creating source of all reality.

Our host for this event will be The Master Teacher along with Teachers of God from around the world. We will share the memory of our awakening and realization of Christ Mind and demonstrate the power of all minds to undergo a complete reformulation that recognizes the joy and happiness that is the eternal life we share with God.

Now Is The Time... Here Is The Place
All Are Invited... Come Just As You Are

The sole purpose of this gathering is to re-establish communication between this world and the Universe that is apparently outside and all around us. There is no concern here with any religious doctrine or political or social philosophies of any kind.

Go to A Course In Miracles International for an updated list of events.

You are waking up from your dream of separation. It's a miracle... Thank you...

April 12, 2007

Atonement Remedies Your Insanity

What constitutes insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Clearly, that cannot work. A different result is possible only through a change of mind. Anyone who does not know who he is - and you do not know who you are, if you do not know where you are from, and what your purpose for being here is - tries to establish, protect and defend himself in an image of what he is not. These attempts can take very grotesque forms and behaviors. Blowing yourself up seems to be very popular these days.

If I do not know who I am, I have two choices. Either I sincerely ask for the answer of who I am from someone who knows, simply shutting up and listening to the answer, or I come up with an answer of myself, making up an image or concept of myself to which I give meaning and justification.

Fundamentally, it is not possible to not know who I am. How could I not know who I am. Every living thing knows what it is. God certainly knows Who He is. Yet a human being does not know who he is. How is that possible? Let's look at it; to say I do not know who I am, implies that I do know, otherwise, how could I even say it? What would it be, that I do not know? Therefore, I am forced to admit that I am really saying, I do not want to know. In order to deny anything, I have to know what I am denying. Otherwise the action would be completely meaningless, pointless.

Every human being has lost its touch with his own reality, his awareness of his own reality. He must however still have contact with it. It is hidden, but not lost. What is he doing to compensate it? He seeks. He seeks for meaning, for happiness in everything he is doing. He wants to die, hoping to find it afterwards. He continually searches. He searches everywhere, often not even recognizing that he is searching. He feels guilty, mostly unconsciously guilty and driven by that guilt, he is afraid and highly insecure. Yet he never finds happiness. He does not find meaning, all he ever seems to find, is the meaning that he has given to the things he looks upon. He tries to get rid of his guilt by pushing it outside, he tries to excape judgement and punishment by condemning and punishing others, he seeks revenge for his own failures and attacks upon himself. Yet he never finds happiness. He tries to live by certain codes of conduct, and standards of behavior, following ideals of his own choice and making. He gives everyone a role. When that role or function is not met, punishment is guaranteed. Just see, how they are after Don Imus. Hypocrites go to war against a man who slipped, denying their own teaching of love and forgiveness. What is it that they have to refuse to look at in order to pick out one guy like Ismus and bring him down for the sake of their idols?

Can you ever be correct in this world? How could you? You don't even know yourself. You are a joke! So what does Atonement have to do with all of this?

Here is Jesus in A Course In Miracles in one of the most socratic and lucid arguments you'll ever get:
"Atonement remedies the strange idea that it is possible to doubt yourself, and be unsure of what you really are. This is the depth of madness. Yet it is the universal question of the world. What does this mean except the world is mad? Why share its madness in the sad belief that what is universal here is true?
Nothing the world believes is true. It is a place whose purpose is to be a home where those who claim they do not know themselves can come to question what it is they are. And they will come again until the time Atonement is accepted, and they learn it is impossible to doubt yourself, and not to be aware of what you are.
Only acceptance can be asked of you, for what you are is certain. It is set forever in the holy Mind of God, and in your own. It is so far beyond all doubt and question that to ask what it must be is all the proof you need to show that you believe the contradiction that you know not what you cannot fail to know. Is this a question, or a statement which denies itself in statement? Let us not allow our holy minds to occupy themselves with senseless musings such as this.
We have a mission here. We did not come to reinforce the madness that we once believed in. Let us not forget the goal that we accepted. It is more than just our happiness alone we came to gain. What we accept as what we are proclaims what everyone must be, along with us. Fail not your brothers, or you fail yourself. Look lovingly on them, that they may know that they are part of you, and you of them." (A Course In Miracles, Workbook, Lesson 139.6-9)

April 9, 2007

It Is YOUR Resurrection...

It's your resurrection. It's mine, everyone's. Why would that be? Do you want to know why? There is only one Self. You are it. You are the way, the truth and the life...
Everything Jesus said about himself he said about you, about me. Because there is only one Self. You are one Self, united with your Creator.

So, this now is on the resurrection, on your resurrection, it is Jesus in A Course In Miracles, speaking directly to you... Listen, listen again, and still again...

"The crucifixion did not establish the Atonement; the resurrection did."

"The resurrection demonstrated that nothing can destroy truth, Good can withstand any form of evil, as light abolishes forms of darkness, the Atonement is therefore the perfect lesson. It is the final demonstration that all the other lessons I taught are true. If you can accept this one generalization now, there will be no need to learn from many smaller lessons. You are released from all errors if you believe this." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 3.1)

"The journey to the cross should be the last "useless journey." Do not dwell upon it, but dismiss it as accomplished. If you can accept it as your own last useless journey, you are also free to join my resurrection. Until you do so your life is indeed wasted. It merely re-enacts the separation, the loss of power, the futile attempts of the ego at reparation, and finally the crucifixion of the body, or death. Such repetitions are endless until they are voluntarily given up. Do not make the pathetic error of "clinging to the old rugged cross." The only message of the crucifixion is that you can overcome the cross. Until then you are free to crucify yourself as often as you choose. This is not the Gospel I intended to offer you. We have another journey to undertake, and if you will read these lessons carefully they will help prepare you to undertake it." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 4.Introduction)

"Your resurrection is your reawakening. I am the model for rebirth, but rebirth itself is merely the dawning on your mind of what is already in it. God placed it there Himself, and so it is true forever. I believed in it, and therefore accepted it as true for me. Help me to teach it to our brothers in the name of the Kingdom of God, but first believe that it is true for you, or you will teach amiss." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 6.1)

"I am your resurrection and your life. You live in me because you live in God. And everyone lives in you, as you live in everyone. Can you, then, perceive unworthiness in a brother and not perceive it in yourself? And can you perceive it in yourself and not perceive it in God? Believe in the resurrection because it has been accomplished, and it has been accomplished in you. This is as true now as it will ever be, for the resurrection is the Will of God, which knows no time and no exceptions. But make no exceptions yourself, or you will not perceive what has been accomplished for you." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 11.VI)

"The crucifixion had no part in the Atonement. Only the resurrection became my part in it. That is the symbol of the release from guilt by guiltlessness. Whom you perceive as guilty you would crucify. Yet you restore guiltlessness to whomever you see as guiltless. Crucifixion is always the ego's aim. It sees everyone as guilty, and by its condemnation it would kill." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 14.V)

"My resurrection comes again each time I lead a brother safely to the place at which the journey ends and is forgot. I am renewed each time a brother learns there is a way from misery and pain. I am reborn each time a brother's mind turns to the light in him and looks for me. I have forgotten no one. Help me now to lead you back to where the journey was begun, to make another choice with me." (A Course In Miracles, Workbook, Review V)

"Very simply, the resurrection is the overcoming or surmounting of death. It is a reawakening or a rebirth; a change of mind about the meaning of the world. It is the acceptance of the Holy Spirit's interpretation of the world's purpose; the acceptance of the Atonement for oneself. It is the end of dreams of misery, and the glad awareness of the Holy Spirit's final dream. It is the recognition of the gifts of God. It is the dream in which the body functions perfectly, having no function except communication. It is the lesson in which learning ends, for it is consummated and surpassed with this. It is the invitation to God to take His final step. It is the relinquishment of all other purposes, all other interests, all other wishes and all other concerns. It is the single desire of the Son for the Father.
The resurrection is the denial of death, being the assertion of life। Thus is all the thinking of the world reversed entirely. Life is now recognized as salvation, and pain and misery of any kind perceived as hell. Love is no longer feared, but gladly welcomed. Idols have disappeared, and the remembrance of God shines unimpeded across the world. Christ's face is seen in every living thing, and nothing is held in darkness, apart from the light of forgiveness. There is no sorrow still upon the earth. The joy of Heaven has come upon it." (A Course In Miracles, Teachers Manual, What Is The Resurrection?)

Peace be to you...

April 6, 2007

What do you teach about Good Friday?

It is said that God gave his only begotten Son to be crucified so that he may die for your sins on the cross. That story obviously makes no sense at all. What could it be but an error, yet "many have been unwilling to give it up in view of its prominent value as a defense. In milder forms a parent says, 'This hurst me more than it hurts you', and feels exonerated in beating a child. Can you believe our Father really thinks this way? It is so essential that all such thinking be dispelled that we must be sure that nothing of this kind remains in your mind. I was not 'punished' because you were bad. The wholly benign lesson the Atonement teaches is lost if it is tainted with this kind of distortion in any form." (Jesus in A Course In Miracles, Chapter 3, Atonement Without Sacrifice)

So what is the lesson? What does Atonement really mean? Let's look at the beginning of Chapter 13, which is called "The Guiltless World":

"If you did not feel guilty you could not attack, for condemnation is the root of attack. It is the judgment of one mind by another as unworthy of love and deserving of punishment. But herein lies the split. For the mind that judges perceives itself as separate from the mind being judged, believing that by punishing another, it will escape punishment. All this is but the delusional attempt of the mind to deny itself, and escape the penalty of denial. It is not an attempt to relinquish denial, but to hold on to it. For it is guilt that has obscured the Father to you, and it is guilt that has driven you insane.
The acceptance of guilt into the mind of God's Son was the beginning of the separation, as the acceptance of the Atonement is its end. The world you see is the delusional system of those made mad by guilt. Look carefully at this world, and you will realize that this is so. For this world is the symbol of punishment, and all the laws that seem to govern it are the laws of death. Children are born into it through pain and in pain. Their growth is attended by suffering, and they learn of sorrow and separation and death. Their minds seem to be trapped in their brain, and its powers to decline if their bodies are hurt. They seem to love, yet they desert and are deserted. They appear to lose what they love, perhaps the most insane belief of all. And their bodies wither and gasp and are laid in the ground, and are no more. Not one of them but has thought that God is cruel.
If this were the real world, God would be cruel. For no Father could subject His children to this as the price of salvation and be loving. Love does not kill to save. If it did, attack would be salvation, and this is the ego's interpretation, not God's. Only the world of guilt could demand this, for only the guilty could conceive of it. Adam's "sin" could have touched no one, had he not believed it was the Father Who drove him out of paradise. For in that belief the knowledge of the Father was lost, since only those who do not understand Him could believe it.
This world is a picture of the crucifixion of God's Son. And until you realize that God's Son cannot be crucified, this is the world you will see. Yet you will not realize this until you accept the eternal fact that God's Son is not guilty. He deserves only love because he has given only love. He cannot be condemned because he has never condemned. The Atonement is the final lesson he need learn, for it teaches him that, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation."

In reality you have no need of a savior, of salvation. Yet here, in space time, you do not know who you are, where you are from, and what it is you do. You cannot solve your problem, because you do not recognize what it is. You cannot do anything. You absolutely need help. That is why you have A Course In Miracles, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Master Teacher and all your brothers who share your goal of remembering who you are, for there is only you, only your mind to wake up from this nightmare of crucifixion. Train your mind to recognize that this is all solved, over and gone. A Course In Miracles provides you with the means of a mind training to become miracle-minded and let go of this world of illusion. There is nothing the miracle cannot do for you in your desire to awaken to your reality.

It is a miracle... It is the Search for Jesus. He is back with you.

Happy resurrection...

April 5, 2007

Freedom through A Course In Miracles

Easter is the celebration of perfect freedom. The resurrection of Jesus demonstrates to me that I am not a body, but free and still as God created me. As long as I think I am a body, and doubt my nature, I am in need of correction, and mind training to teach myself what I want to learn. Doubt is my choice not to be who I am, thinking that I can be something else, thinking that what is life can die and be dead.

It is always the same error, a mistake in identity. God did not change His Mind about me. I did. Now, I have apparently a choice to make:

"Seek not to make the Son of God adjust to his insanity. There is a stranger in him, who wandered carelessly into the home of truth and who will wander off. He came without a purpose, but he will not remain before the shining light the Holy Spirit offered, and you accepted. For there the stranger is made homeless and you are welcome. Ask not this transient stranger, "What am I?" He is the only thing in all the universe that does not know. Yet it is he you ask, and it is to his answer that you would adjust. This one wild thought, fierce in its arrogance, and yet so tiny and so meaningless it slips unnoticed through the universe of truth, becomes your guide. To it you turn to ask the meaning of the universe. And of the one blind thing in all the seeing universe of truth you ask, "How shall I look upon the Son of God?"
Does one ask judgment of what is totally bereft of judgment? And if you have, would you believe the answer, and adjust to it as if it were the truth? The world you look on is the answer that it gave you, and you have given it power to adjust the world to make its answer true."
  (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 20.III, Sin as an Adjustment)

Today I put this insanity away. It is not worthy of the Son of God. I choose my perfect freedom in God. Thank you Father.

"Nothing can hurt you unless you give it the power to do so. Yet you give power as the laws of this world interpret giving; as you give you lose. It is not up to you to give power at all. Power is of God, given by Him and reawakened by the Holy Spirit, Who knows that as you give you gain. He gives no power to sin, and therefore it has none; nor to its results as this world sees them, - sickness and death and misery and pain. These things have not occurred because the Holy Spirit sees them not, and gives no power to their seeming source. Thus would He keep you free of them. Being without illusion of what you are, the Holy Spirit merely gives everything to God, Who has already given and received all that is true. The untrue He has neither received nor given.
Those who choose freedom will experience only its results. Their power is of God, and they will give it only to what God has given, to share with them. Nothing but this can touch them, for they see only this, sharing their power according to the Will of God. And thus their freedom is established and maintained. It is upheld through all temptation to imprison and to be imprisoned. It is of them who learned of freedom that you should ask what freedom is. Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars, for those with little wings have not accepted for themselves the power to share with you."
(A Course In Miracles, Chapter 20.IV, Entering the Ark)

A Course In Miracles is my way out of this impossible situation of being captured in a body, in this "isolated speck of darkness; a hidden secret room, a tiny spot of senseless mystery, a meaningless enclosure carefully protected, yet hiding nothing." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 20.VI, The Temple of the Holy Spirit).

It's a miracle...
Happy Easter...

Why not simply accept A Course In Miracles?

Two days ago I wrote an email to Theo, who is writing from his experience of God in Christ. (Go to his blog)
He replied to my email on his blog, so I wrote a comment to his post.

Here you can read the argument. It may be of help in the clarification of some fundamental concepts of A Course In Miracles.

This was my email:

Dear Teófilo de Jesús,

I was wondering if you might know of A Course In Miracles. Thomas Merton left when A Course In Miracles was scribed, and he taught also ideas taught by Jesus in A Course In Miracles. I like it, especially in these times, when Jesus offers a new interpretation of old concepts from the Gospel. Some I have mentioned in my blog, http://teachingacourseinmiracles.blogspot.com. I am always looking at ways to introduce A Course In Miracles to a wider audience.

What does a Catholic like you say about A Course In Miracles, and the fact that is quite obvious to anyone looking at this masterpiece, that Jesus is the author of it?

Once I heared that it is on the index of the Catholic church. I do not know if that is true. Yet who was more a heretic than Jesus Christ? Isn't it the same today than it was 2000 years ago? That is why no one wants anything to have to do with it.

It has changed my life. Once I wanted to become a priest, but while growing up in a Catholic seminary I lost my faith in the god I was taught. Nothing made sense to me anymore. I could not resolve the existence of this world of cruelty with the idea of a loving God, and still can't. But through A Course In Miracles I found relief that I don't have to. It allows me to experience God in me, in everything, God not knowing of this world, God Who truly has no opposite. My relationship with Him is not broken or lacking, and therefore it is a fact that there is no sin. If sin were true, I would be forever separated from God. Separation is a false idea. So, aren't we all in need of teaching this? Teaching in oder to learn, teaching the truth; in order to learn forgiveness, I have to teach it. In order to be healed, I have to heal. In order to be free, I have to release, to free. All power is given me in Heaven and Earth. The resurrection did happen, and it must include everyone and everything. This is and can only be an individual discovery for anyone here on Earth. Nothing else will ever solve any problem that besets mankind.

Happy Easter.

This was Theo's reply:

Dear Alban:

I am about to disappoint you. I think that A Course In Miracles is nothing short of a modern Gnostic work, contradicting the Gospel in several key areas. I don't see how "Jesus" could be the author of this work. As such, this work is not apt to instruct or correct Catholic Christians in the living of the Gospel.

The Catholic Church stopped keeping an "Index of Forbidden Books" back in 1965. Such an endeavor was easy to do when the book printing output was a fairly small enterprise and a book catalog could be kept by bored clerics. That's a very impractical, if not impossible thing to do today, considering the publication output of modern media and the Internet. Besides, putting a work in such an Index would constitute a "reverse endorsement." Any such designation would be exploited by publicity-hungry authors and publishing houses who would then use the Church's censure for maximum propaganda effect. Advertisements would read "Come, buy this book! BANNED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!" People would just flock to buy it.

Nevertheless, we all still have the responsibility to refrain from reading works damaging to the faith, unless one is prepared to face up those arguments and the truth is that not all of us are that well-prepared. Context is also important: I may read an essay by Dawkins and his coterie of lonely atheists if printed in a reputable publication, but probably would pass if it were printed in Penthouse. Such a context would provide a marked occasion for sin at numerous levels. The Catholic Christian must not be either proud or naive when facing temptation and should have a distinct appreciation of when s/he is staring down the chasm of temptation and sin, less one tempts the Lord in the process.

This brings us back to A Course In Miracles. Jesus didn't write this, nor was He "channeled" by anyone to do so. The work contradicts the Gospel, as I said, in many key places, as you yourself has admitted by denying the reality of sin. To say something like...my relationship with Him is not broken or lacking, and therefore it is a fact that there is no sin is, in my view, wrong, for it assumes that the soul has reached an ontological "perfection" in this life, that the Christian life consists only in the "unfolding" of this realization. I also think that this assertion reflects a sin of presumption of God's grace. Any spirituality flowing from such an axiom would be, in my view, damaging to one's soul.

The constant use of the first person pronouns ("I, me, mine") also unsettles me, because Catholic Christianity is a reality that transcends the individual. The Gnostic "spirituality" contained in this book sets the individual and his/her "gnosis" ("knowlegde") over and against the Body of Christ, which is the Church.

Finally, the allegation that Jesus granted a new "revelation" violates the apostolic consensus that public revelation, the one binding on all Christians everywhere and at all times, ended with the death of the last apostle; that every "revelation" since is by definition a "private revelation" subject to the discernment of spirits which St. Paul talks about, and other criteria we find in the Johannine writings, and that even if such a private revelation were to meet these criteria, it would only be binding on the person who received it, and also on those who voluntarily make its teaching their own. In this line of "revelations" we find those received by St. Margarite Mary Alacoque about the Sacred Heart, and to St. Faustine regarding the Divine Mercy, along with all "approved" Marian apparitions.

Because of its substance, contents, and claims, A Course In Miracles fails the "discernment of spirits" test. I believe that if you practice its teaching, you will end up in a state of spiritual confusion and captivity. My suggestion to you is that you break away from this book and return to the true Christ you meet in Word and Sacrament in the Catholic Church.

I remain,

Your concerned brother in Our Lord Jesus Christ,
- Theo

-Read also Why New Age Is a Challenge for Christianity in Catholic-Online, where A Course In Miracles is mentioned.

So, here is my attempt to answer to Theo. It turned into a long and redundant statement:

Dear Theo,

you clearly deny that A Course In Miracles was authored by Jesus of Nazareth. That is not at all my experience. When I first got the book, I clearly recognized that this book speaks the truth, there simply was no question about it. I don't know how to convey that evidence, or why it was obvious to me. If you look only at the literary quality of the work, you would have to admit that it is way too perfect, and intentionally and unconventionally selective in its use of language and words for it to be of human origin. Rhythmically (blank verse over hundreds of pages) the work reaches an unmatched perfection still using modern language. I don't know how you would get around that aspect and be able to say that it was written by a human being?

In my view you will not find a more challenging document to your beliefs and thoughts which is your self-identity. In many ways everything you believe is totally contrary to what Jesus taught. I do not mean that as a personal insult, but it is fact that the human mind is opposed to the teachings of Jesus. My mere being here, in need of correction, is what "sin" is. Man is what "sin" is, the denial of God's love. But it cannot be your reality. It can only be an illusory state of mind, a dreamed separation from God. That is why Jesus was crucified. You may disagree, but a prophesy of His suffering on the cross would not have needed to come true if the minds of the people at the time of Jesus' crucifixion whole-heartedly had embraced his teaching.

What about Jesus' admonition to be perfect as your Father in Heaven? Could He say that without you being actually created perfect by God? All you did was that you forgot for a moment who you are. Like in the Bible it says, Adam fell into a deep sleep. Nowhere does it say that he awoke. Now, could it be really so that you are sleeping and gone in dreams of a world of sin and madness? Would you care to look at this idea for a moment? What insanity and arrogance it is to think that I can reach perfection, when God created me perfect, in His likeness! I would have to assume that I somehow have the power to change what God created and turned it into something that is opposite to His will. That is not possible, except in dreams and fantasies. It sure looks real, if you look from the perspective of this world, from your body's eyes and senses, but God is the source of reality, first cause. Nothing can come between Him and His creation. Contrary, if you are not perfect, for whatever reason, how could you become perfect? Are we not agreeing on the idea that everything God created is eternal. Maybe, you are saying, a perfect God can create imperfect beings, but the absurdity here is quite obvious. Then it all comes back to me. I obviously see myself as I am not. God has nothing to do with it. I need help. I need a miracle. I need to change my mind, having completely forgotten who I am. "The world believes in sin, but the belief that made it as you see it is not outside you." (A Course In Miracle, Chapter 20.II.6). You have to take responsibility for what you see. That would have to include everything that does not reflect the light and truth of God's creation which is like Him in His likeness.

Jesus teaches to forgive regardless of the "sin" with which you are confronted. Is His idea that you have power to forgive all "sin" contradictory to A Course In Miracles? What you bind on earth is bound in Heaven, what you loose on earth is loosed in Heaven! He taught every man, not just the apostles, so I have to take his word literally directed to me, and everyone. He says that greater things I will do, because He is going to the Father. That could not be a true statement if I am unlike Jesus as a Son of God. What about His declaration that God does not judge? He also states that not everyone who says, 'Lord, Lord', will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of His Father in Heaven. You literally do not exist if you are fearful, unloving, not doing God's will, unless reality can be split and governed by opposing laws and principles. But can truth have an opposite? Then, what could be more simpler than asking and receiving what I have asked: "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened."

These ideas from the New Testament are exactly what A Course In Miracles teaches. Forgiveness is the means to remember who I am, what God wills. Can you proclaim the reality of "sin" if you know that God does not judge? You have to hold everything up to God's will, the reality that He created, which will be what it is, no matter what anyone may think it is. Can you reasonably and true to Jesus words say that "sin" is real if it can and has to be forgiven by everyone? Does reality need to be forgiven? Do you then forgive God, too? A Course In Miracles does not deny that you think there is "sin", that you believe in "sin", but it emphasizes strongly the idea that it is an error of your action of mind, which is the idea of "kata", the Aramaic expression for what we call "sin". Jesus used this metaphor to show that we do nothing but miss the target if we "sin". It is an archery term for missing the target. The specificity of the act does not matter except to me who gives it meaning, however, everything is either true or false. Can God, truth, know about "sin", the false, without becoming Himself/itself sinful, false?

You pointed out the idea of grace. Grace is obviously an essential part of the teaching of A Course In Miracles. By Grace I live, by Grace I am released. Since I in my humanness have completely forgotten who I am, I need a miracle of grace. I can do nothing, as the course teaches to be perfect as God created me. It would all have to come from Him. Yet I have to change my mind, since it is filled with false beliefs about myself, about everything.

Regarding the article in Catholic Online that says: "...insofar as sin is concerned, while reference to Adam's sin is silenced, it is affirmed, as 'A Course in Miracles' states, that man's principal problem is his ignorance of his divinity. Every perceptible fault that man thinks he has is more an absence of knowledge; with this is eliminated the need for salvation and for a savior." With this the absolute need for salvation and a savior is stated. You do not know who you are, which is in itself an impossibility. There is no way out except through a bridge established from outside of the framework of your idea of yourself. That is what a savior is. You cannot do it yourself. That is why Jesus says, no one can come to the Father except through Me. The course does not say that you do not need a savior. But it also says that an untrained mind can accomplish nothing. You are much to fearful to remember who you are, to remember God, unless you have trained your mind to forgive all your ideas and not give in to false ideas about yourself. What if Jesus is back already, and you can't see Him, because you look through a mirror darkly? Do you think God would let you wait a long time to be saved? Or does this seem to involve a long time only because you are indeed very fearful of being saved. Again, you need mind training.

You seem to be upset about the use of first person pronouns in A Course In Miracles, but you do not mind Jesus saying, "I am the bread of life... I am the door... I am the good sheppard... I am the resurrection and the life... I am the way, the truth and the light." There is one God, unless God is not all powerful, therefore there is one Son. Everyone has to come to know who he is in his Sonship with God as his Father. God did not create individuals that are unequal. The body of Christ, the church, I don't know about that. Certainly there is no church in Heaven, is there? I guess, we easily confuse means and end.

Regarding the idea of public and private revelation I can only say that an apostolic consensus need not reflect God's plan for salvation or Jesus' will and acts. If the apostles were not perfect, what makes us want to have them say something infallible?

I may be redundant, but the fundamental difference between the faith in which I was brought up in Catholicism, and
ALSO by the world is that everything is objective to me, existing independently from me, including the devil. If that were true, you would have to tell me that there will be eternal conflict, since God would not be the sole power of the universe. However, if everything is as Jesus in A Course In Miracles teaches me, a real solution is available, and only then, according to His saying that what ever I bind on Earth, is bound in Heaven, and whatever I loose on Earth, is loosed in Heaven. If everything I experience and see is the result of my thought, I can change my mind, and experience a different result. Then I can start to learn to think with God, God's Thoughts.

Finally, all I want to say, is, the proof is in the pudding. If your concept of truth has let to an experience of God and who you are, great. For me, it did not work. I was not happy with it. A Course In Miracles does not say, you should abandon your faith. But in a state of not knowing who you are, and if you are here, you obviously are like Adam in deep sleep, you need A Course In Miracles. To remember who you are is what A Course In Miracles is. This is obviously not a concept, but an experience, not a theology putting my salvation into an indefinite future, but an experience that can only be now.

"The mind can make the belief in separation very real and very fearful, and this belief is the 'devil'. It is powerful, active, destructive and clearly in opposition to God, because it literally denies His Fatherhood. Look at your life and see what the devil has made. But realize that this making will surely dissolve in the light of truth, because its foundation is a lie. Your creation by God is the only foundation that cannot be shaken, because the light is in it. Your starting point is truth, and you must return to your Beginning. Much has been seen since then, but nothing has really happened. Your Self is still in peace, even though your mind is in conflict. You have not yet gone back far enough, and that is why you become so fearful. As you approach the Beginning, you feel the fear of the destruction of your thought system upon you as if it were the fear of death. There is no death, but there is a belief in death." (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 3.VII.5)

We need a miracle is all I can say. A miracle can only come from God, because it is God's power that makes it possible. So what can be wrong with A Course In Miracles? What can be wrong with saving time immeasurably? Do you know God's plan for your salvation? Do you think the Bible says everything about God's plan for your salvation? Can you know how limited your understanding is, and how much you will understand and accept at a "later" point in time, even if it contradicts fundamentally what you now hold to be true?

God bless us,

April 2, 2007

Palm Sunday and Holy Week

- A New Perspective Through A Course In Miracles -

What does Palm Sunday and Holy Week stand for? Memories of a glorious entry into Jerusalem come to mind, a confronting teaching-learning situation in the temple, the last supper, the “betrayal” of Judas, followed by excruciating torture, culminating in a crucifixion of cruelty that is virtually impossible to imagine or admit to. (Picture source)

Yet what is it really? Many say, Jesus died for our sins, that he was crucified to save us from our sins, that God sent him here to die for us. The magnitude of the Love of God and Jesus is measured by this “sacrifice” of the Son of God. Yet can this be true? Can a loving Father sacrifice His most beloved Son? What would such a sacrifice achieve?

How come that in famous movies like Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" the resurrection is only touched upon briefly? Because is is not really accepted and embraced. Because I don't really accept it. Because you don't really accept it. Yet it is accomplished. He IS risen. Fact is fact, and to believe otherwise is merely foolish. Is it only a matter of time then? The time I take to hold on to conflict and deny the truth? Free will does not mean that I can establish the curriculum. It means only that I can elect what I want to take at given time.

The resurrection inevitably shows me that this world is completely meaningless, non-existent and without effect, the body is not the home of the Son of God, nor anything I should invest with attributes to make lovely what I hate. I am not a body, I am not weak, but strong in the likeness of my Creator. Therefore the body is of no real use to me. It can offer me nothing I really want.

By looking at the resurrection I find a different idea and meaning in Palm Sunday and Holy Week. As stated in A Course In Miracles (see chapter 20 of the Text), Palm Sunday is “the celebration of victory and the acceptance of the truth.”
“Easter is the sign of peace, not pain. A slain Christ has no meaning. But a risen Christ becomes the symbol of the Son of God's forgiveness on himself; the sign he looks upon himself as healed and whole. This week begins with palms and end with lilies, the white and holy sign the Son of God is innocent. Let no dark sign of crucifixion intervene between the journey and its purpose; between the acceptance of the truth and its expression. This week we celebrate life, not death… Easter is not the celebration of the cost of sin, but of its end.”
This again is Jesus speaking:
“This Easter I would have the gift of your forgiveness offered by you to me, and returned by me to you. We cannot be united in crucifixion and in death. Nor can the resurrection be complete till your forgiveness rests on Christ, along with mine.”
He goes on, saying,
“I was a stranger and you took me in, not knowing who I was. Yet for your gift of lilies you will know. In your forgiveness of this stranger, alien to you and yet your ancient Friend, lies his release and your redemption with him… Look on your risen Friend, and celebrate his holiness along with me. For Easter is the time of your salvation, along with mine.”
Conceptually I may accept this or not, it will have meaning for me only if I let it be true for me, offered to me by grace and through the love of Jesus. I asked for it, and there it is. I ask for help to open up to it fully, to accept it in its totality, realizing it is accepted completely or not at all.