August 23, 2014

This is the time of the Great Sense.

“We look to the right or to the left, we build theories, reform our Churches, invent super-machines and go out in the streets to break the Machine that stifles us - we struggle in the small sense. When the terrestrial ship is sinking, does it matter whether the passengers drown to the right or to the left, under a flag black or red, or celestial blue? Our Churches have already sunk: they are reforming their own dust. Our patriotisms are crushing us, our machines are crushing us, our schools are crushing us, and we build more machines to break out of the Machine. We go to the moon, but we do not know our own heart nor our terrestrial destiny. And we want to improve what is - but the time for improvements is past: can one improve rot?

This is the time for SOMETHING ELSE. Something else, which is not the same thing with improvements.

But how shall we proceed?

They preach violence to us, or nonviolence. But these are two faces of the same Falsehood, the yes and no of the same impotence: the little saints have gone bankrupt with the rest, and others want to seize power - what power? That of the statesmen? Are we going to fight over the prison keys? Or to build another prison? Or do we really want to get out of
it? Power does not flow from the barrel of a gun, neither does freedom flow from the bellies of the dead – for thirty million years now, we have been building on corpses, on wars, on revolutions. And the drama is enacted over and over again. Perhaps the time has come to build on something else and find the key to the true Power?

So let us look at the Great Sense.
Here is what the Great Sense tells us:
It tells us that we were born so many million years ago – a molecule, a gene, a quivering bit of plasma-and we have produced a dinosaur, a crab, an ape. Had our eyes stopped halfway along the road, we could have said with good reason (!) that the Baboon was the summit of the creation and nothing better could be done, except perhaps to improve our simian capacities and create a United Kingdom of Apes.... And we may be committing the same error today in our jungle of concrete. We have invented enormous means at the service of microscopic consciousnesses, splendid devices at the service of mediocrity, and still more devices to be cured of the Device. But is man truly the goal of all these millions of years of striving? – The secondary school for all and the washing machine?

The Great Sense, the True Sense, tells us that man is not the end. It is not the triumph of man that we want, not an improved version of the intelligent dwarf-it is another man on the earth, another race in our midst.

‘Man is a transitional being,’ Sri Aurobindo said. We are right in the middle of this transition, it is bursting forth on every side: in Biafra, in Israel, in China, on the Boul’Mich’.

Man is uncomfortable in his skin.

And the Great Sense, the True Sense, tells us that the only thing we can do is to set to work to prepare that other being and collaborate in our own evolution instead of going round in circles and grabbing false powers to rule over a false life.

But where is the lever of this Transmutation?

It is within.

There is a Consciousness within, there is a Power within, the very power that strained and strove in the dinosaur, in the crab, in the ape, in man – it strives still, presses farther on, clothes itself in a more and more perfected form as its instrument grows, and creates its own form. If we grasp the lever of that Power, it will itself create its new form, for it is itself the lever of the Transmutation. Instead of letting evolution unfold through millennia of fruitless, painful attempts and useless deaths and fake revolutions that revolutionize nothing, we can hasten the time, we can make a concentrated evolution – we can be the conscious creators of the New Being.

In truth, this is the time of the Great Adventure. The world is closed, there are no more adventures outside: only robots go to the moon and our borders are guarded everywhere – in Rome or in Rangoon, the same functionaries of the great Machine are watching us, punching our cards, checking our faces and searching our pockets – there is no more adventure outside!

The Adventure is with in – Freedom is within, Space is within, so is the transformation of our world by the power of the Spirit. Because, in truth, that Power was always there, supreme, all-powerful, prodding evolution on: it was the hidden Spirit growing to become the Spirit manifest upon earth, and if we have trust, if we want that supreme Power, if we have the courage to descend into our hearts, everything is possible, for God is in us.”

September 18, 2013

How to Question Everything? Question the Idea of Death!

A Course In Miracles is the necessity to question everything I think I know, everything I have learned and accepted as true at some point in time, because reality has nothing to do with this world. This world is a product of my mind. I made it up. Certainly, I did not make it by using clay or whatever and forming a world, an objective world outside of me. It is made up and maintained solely in my mind, by my thought, and that is where the solution must be applied. That is where the solution is either rejected or accepted. That is where all conflict is resolved.

In order to do that, I am given a mind training with a lesson for every day of the year. Every lesson is a lesson that teaches the idea of forgiveness as Jesus teaches me, not as the world and its institutions tell me.

The aim is the removal of the blocks to the awareness of love and peace as known by God which leads to the discovery of my Self as God created me. By denying my denial of God and Self, by letting go of my self-identity and all its justifications I will undergo a miraculous undoing of my fearful old self-identity. That is my salvation. Just to give some examples, I quote a few lesson titles:

"Nothing I see means anything."
"I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me."
"My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts."
"God goes with me wherever I go."
"I am the light of the world."
"I am as God created me."
"I am not a body. I am free."
"There is no death. The Son of God is free."

"Still-Life with a Skull" by Philippe de Champaigne

Nowhere is there room for what I previously thought about my so-called self or other projected identities. All of it must be false, if what Jesus offers me is true. It is false, because truth is true and nothing else is true. It is false, because an opposite to God does not exist. It is false, because there is no separation which is the fundamental idea on which this world rests.

There is no one who hasn't struggled with the mind training of A Course In Miracles. In fact, it always escapes me in my idea of what it is. It is not conceptual. So, how does it work? What is it? I quote the Master Teacher with his incredible lucidity and reason:

"Success is not based on your conceptual acuity. It’s based on your capacity to take your conceptions and convert them into a new association of your mind. suffer from the illusion that you can be wrongly treated and that somehow forgiveness is necessary.

You say, 'Well, I already know this.' You obviously don’t know it, or you would not continue to practice the idea that there’s actually something to forgive. There’s nothing to forgive. The world is not real. This is the solution that I have offered you that you have discovered, so you don’t have to continue to practice getting over being wrongly treated. Do you hear me? Inevitably, that will be misunderstood, because forgiveness to you retains the idea of the sin instead of releasing it. Forgiveness for the human conception is exactly the opposite of what forgiveness really is. Isn’t it?

Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. That’s all I’m going to read of that. I just wanted you to see that. That’s what forgiveness is. 'You haven’t done anything to me, because I’m not doing anything here, myself. And because I’m not doing anything here, myself...' Do you see what happened? Obviously, if I am here, it would be sinful. Since I’m not here and nothing is here, I cannot be sinful, so there can be nothing to forgive.

An unforgiving thought – one thought... You don’t have to know what it is. Do you see that? It’s what your fundamental identity is based on. You don’t have to examine it. What is it? Death. Watch it. Boom! 'I’ve got an unforgiving thought.' That’s what death is. From that moment on, you don’t look at it. If I walked up to anyone here – I’ll use you, out there – 'You’re going to die.' Say, 'I know it.' [I know it] That’s absurd. That’s your one unforgiving thought. You can’t open that one to examination. If you did, you would have to open up all your thoughts to examination. If I say to you, 'No, Jesus Christ is risen and you’re in Heaven and there is no death,' you immediately turn that around that he’s going to die for you. That way, he can remain unforgiven in your own mind. Yet all he ever asks from you is the totality of his resurrection through his saviorship. Do you see that? Death is nothing but that unforgiving thought. You will not raise it to doubt because your other unforgiving thoughts depend on it. Obviously, death would be a denial and an attack. Come on!"

- Master Teacher in a video from the archives for which you have to register:

Death is a thought which takes on many forms. To question it will save me a lot of time.